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By Anonymous
OoO I didn���t think of that!
By Anonymous
do you want it to hurt, Kevin?
By Anonymous
Gary "Buster" Holmes incoming
By Anonymous
Welp.. I know what my next toon will be
By Anonymous
maybe should say left side of the colliseum instead of castle got confused personally
By Anonymous
I need it. But i cant find it :(
By Anonymous
This weapon has the most intense blood buildup of all weapons I've seen so far. It attacks REALLY fast, much faster than the Beastclaws - which have a 60 buildup.
By Anonymous
does anyone can confirm where is this weapon bc I cant find it
By Anonymous
Follow the rampart from the West Rampart Grace, all the way up the stairs and hill until you hit the coliseum like place with 2 Gladiators out front, then follow the left side.
By Anonymous
ok location guide: climb the gigantic stone dragon to reach the West Capital Rampart grace. Then sneak (behind) past the stone gargoyle and up the stony road to the colosseum. You can avoid all the guards by sneaking. From the main gate to the left in the second arcade or room or what you call it.
kind regads from bounty
By Anonymous
You don't even have to sneak past the gargoyle. I clunked past him in my fatass heavy armor and he didn't even flinch.
By Anonymous
dude these things ****
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