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By Anonymous
My favorite PS exclusive.
By Anonymous
They just took the bloodborne name, removed 2 letters and added another O
By Anonymous
rocking a int build irl
By Anonymous
No way?! The word Blood exists and isn���t just a reference to the hitgame Bloodborne?!?!
By Anonymous
It goes deeper. If you swap a couple of the B���s for D���s and S���s, condense the o���s into an a, soften the l, then swap it with the a, then change the ���oon��� to a ���ouls,��� it spells Dark Souls.
By Anonymous
With a meager 9 more substitutions it also becomes ���dark souls.���
By Anonymous
Wow that is so amazing!!
Definitely mindblown!
By Anonymous
I love sploshing it everywhere
By Anonymous
Best seal for this wanted to use these in a blood style build
By Anonymous
Dragon communion seal. Scales with faith and arcane but mostly arcane. So it���ll fit a blood build.
By Anonymous
I tried a blood build. It's *** in PVE and PVP
By Anonymous
I think you are *** at the game, maidenless one.
By Anonymous
I have no idea what you are talking about a good bloodbuild shreds bosses like cheese
By Anonymous
To be fair, a good build of any kind shreds bosses like cheese. Even Sorcery.
By Anonymous
ESPECIALLY sorcery. Terra Magnus + Comet Azur + Infinite + Lusat���s Staff +10 + FP flask = auto win on any Boss. I don���t even recall the last time I saw Boss mechanics.
By Anonymous
Hell I didn���t even build for blood - I just went dex and happened to pick a weapon (claws) that caused bleed, and I feel like it makes up like half of my damage. I can���t imagine how serious it gets when you pump arcane and add the blood ashes to your weapons.
By Anonymous
On full faith build gets outdamaged by many other faster faith incantations, on bleed builds gets absolutely clowned on by dual katana. This spell serves no purpose other than sometimes in pvp.
By Anonymous
Doesn't he mean that this spell is bad even on a blood build??
By Anonymous
Dual katanas builds up bleed more quickly, but they does not provide a safe distance from bosses ;)
And also, not everyone wants to use the brainless dual katanas for all the game, variety exist.
By Anonymous
Damage seems weak. Does it Lifesteal?
By Anonymous
It does bleed buildup over time, so I suppose the point is to make up for the low damage with bleed procs.
By Anonymous
Does bleed buildup and small flame damage if enemies stand in it, very useful imo
By Anonymous
Who else just sees bloodborne?
By Anonymous
I can't un-see it
By kodaxmax
so does this do fire damage or build up? Fromsoft i love your writing, but these item descriptions really arn't at all descriptive
By Anonymous
both, the flame does burning damage and if u get burned u build up bleeding for a short period of time
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It took me a minute to realize that blood is an effect, but not a damage type. Fire is a damage type with no corresponding effect. Blood flame stuff does fire damage, but builds the bleed effect.
By Anonymous
formless mother = formless oedon????
By Anonymous
Oedon is male
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