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By Anonymous
I recommend not locking on with this. Try throwing the blood just behind a player and they will likely walk into it, or at the feet of enemies or bosses for fast bleed build, especially when combined with bloodflame talons.
By Anonymous
Wow, glad I didn’t read the page. I would’ve been rereading the exact info given above. Whew.
By Anonymous
Glad to know you’re able to reiterate what’s up above.
By Anonymous
We are born of the blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood; Fear the old blood
By DTPandemonium
This is good in low-mid level invasions to throw behind your opponent while you have bloodflame blade on. They will have to walk through it if they are running or try to fight you, either way they will take more bleed buildup from something.

At high levels where people can just ignore it and trade, it's pretty bad. Most weapons can outtrade it if there will even be a trade with the slow speed it has.
By Anonymous
Low level invasions? Do people seriously go and kill end game bosses with +3 weapons just so they can use their drops on noobs in Limgrave? How cool of you.
By Anonymous
"Do people seriously go and kill end game bosses with +3 weapons just so they can use their drops on noobs in Limgrave?"

This is, and always has been, at the heart of low-level invasions. I mean, obviously you can just get a friend to drop the items if you really want to be twinked out, but being able to complete late game content with dramatically underpowered characters in order to make a really specific low-level invasion build is basically a rite of passage in these games.
By Anonymous
Mohg has shortest screen time now.
By Anonymous
This spell wins based on cool factor alone.
By Anonymous
more like.. bloodborn!!
By Anonymous
Buffed in 1.07 patch, it's good against large enemies, since they step on all the blood pools. Still behaves weirdly against close targets, since the blood will fly past them.
By Anonymous
A great spell for pve. Throw it & splash a mob of trash. Its less incredible against bosses unless they are large. Most of the damage comes from the initial & the bleed should come from lingering in the flames. Obviously this is meant to be used with dragon communion seal on a high arcane build, otherwise it's useless. Im sure someone has made it work in duels or something. If so that is impressive because the wind up & recovery for this spell is abysmal. The aoe doesnt last very long & it's easy to avoid the entire spell by strafing or rolling around at close range (even if they are unlocked & freeaiming)

This needs a casting speed buff & an extension for how long the flames linger. Damage & buildup is fine.
By Anonymous

This spell is really nice for area denial, If you can learn how to free-aim at their feet really good, you don't really need to pair it up with other sources of bleed. Due to the trajectory of the blood splatters, it's hard for opponents to predict where they're gonna land, so if you can learn to free-aim where they're going to step, and at their feet, you can play mind games with them. That doesn't mean that hitting them with the blood splatters is bad btw, the damage from getting directly hit makes for some pretty nice harassment. Keep in mind, the average amount of bloodboon casts for someone to bleed out is about 2 if they're rolling around. If they're standing in it for about 3 or 5 seconds, that's a guaranteed bleedout, though some armor values might determine how long it takes. Try to take advantage of really long animations too from opponents. Keep in mind that I'm at 40 FAITH and ARCANE. All in all, pretty dope incantation; I'd love to see more people using it.
By Anonymous
Awsome Utility-Offensive Spell.... This alone is about decent on its own , but Bloodboon shines best when paired with Swarm of Flies , and to even Mess it up entirely making the Build pretty much broken either have Bloodflame Weapon with the 3 or just use Swarm of Flies , Bloodboon while using Morgott's Cursed Sword. ( You'll feel like your the 3rd Cursed Omen Son and the True Lord of Blood ). Good combo trapping spell when paired with swarm of flies... And with some nasty other Incantation Spell combos the Outcome will be Genuinely fun , in PvE and in PvP.
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