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By Anonymous
If your lucky two may drop and if so power stancing these is insane
By Anonymous
Krillen: "Destructo disc!!"
By Anonymous
And then Cell is still alive
By Anonymous
"And then Cell is still alive"
damn, dude...
By Anonymous
Started farming 60 arc silver scarab, killed 30 haven't seen it
By Anonymous
70 arc killed 200 and havent seen it :/
By Anonymous
Very underated. Got it from heart of Aeonia. Can run alongside the special attack. Good moveset. Bleed buildup. I use it on my pure faith/base golden order greatsword build. Special is very good against enemies due to low FP cost. Replaces ranged spells that cost way too much FP.
By Anonymous
Started farming,killed 10 of them and got two scythes but no armour lmao
By Anonymous
lucky, i farmed for three hours and still dont have it. what was your arcane. mine is 20.
By Anonymous
Try arcane 35-40
By Anonymous
just picked this up from one of the cleanrot knights in Elphael!
By Anonymous
I'm at the 2 hour mark farming this weapon as I write this comment, yet to see a scythe or spear drop. Their armour set and sword, on the other hand, if I wanted to throw a Cleanrot Knight cosplay party, I would have enough to fully dress dozens of people.
By Anonymous
i spend 3 hour tryina get it
i have like 11 sword, 2 helmet, 5 chestplate, 4 leggings, and 4 boots (and 1 spear) And i only got 1 halo sythe
Feels like the game is trolling me at this point
By Anonymous
Got mine after first kill
By Anonymous
I tried for 2 hours got 11 swords 6 helms 2 greaves 3 chest and 8 gauntlets but one spear and one scythe. The farming is annoying but payoff is nice
By Anonymous
A little over an hour here, I got:
7 Swords
4 Helms
3 Armor
1 Gauntlet
9 Greaves (Yes 9)
0 Scythes
Made around 40,000 Runes though, enough to level
By Anonymous
the weapon skill needs to cost more fp as it deals way to much damage ands casts way to fast
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This skill is easy to dodge slow and you can just rush them down and not much they can do it’s not op at all if they spam it rush them next time do t be scared of it once you get I. Them they are screwed
By Anonymous
If you're getting hit by the WA from this, it means you're spacing incorrectly. Why are you standing so far away from a reaper? If you were closer, you could stagger the enemy out of the casting animation by sneezing on them.
By Anonymous
Running an Arc Faith build (45/25)- I thought this would be nice for duels, I've never seen a single person use it. I farmed this - played around with it - and figured Id give it my last +10. Go to the academy gates and it's halarious - Every single person dodges this Ash of war like they've seen it a thousand times before xD.
By Anonymous
it's got a really intuitive dodge timing cuz the halo chuck animation is really satisfying. weapon is really cool but it gets sqatted on in pvp for that reason.
By Anonymous
With no arc scaling on the weapon. I fail to see how 45 arc are helping you there...
By Anonymous
Great in pve but for pvp it's easliy dodged. Best used in co-op boss fights
By Anonymous
I've used it a lot in duels and the WA is really good for forcing people to panic roll, and it's so spammable that if you do it long enough they're bound to slip up, then it's pretty easy to exploit that opening
By Anonymous
I have a level 404 character with 120+ hours on him with many different holy damage builds. Personally, I find THIS to be the best holy damage option in the game using the ring of light. It's spammable, has great range, and great damage. I find this easier to build for than the golden order incantations. While the wiki says the WA scales off faith, I found a much more noticeable impact from upgrading the weapon itself.

I did some testing on the Albinaurics in Mohgwyn Palace using larval tears to change my faith. At 99 faith with the Shard of Alexander and Sacred Scorpion Charm with a +10 Halo Scythe, I did 1793 damage. Going down to 40 faith with the same build, I did 1618. The extra 59 levels in faith provided about an 11% increase in damage to my skill. Using a +0 Halo Scythe with 99 faith and the aforementioned talismans did 260 damage.

When using this in PvE, it is important to have a decent amount of distance between yourself and the enemy before using this. It is difficult to use in cramped areas or hitting an enemy at different elevations. Otherwise, going through NG+4 I use this skill to kill every boss except the ones with crazy holy resist (Maliketh, Elden Beast, etc.)
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