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By Anonymous
Got it first try not really wanting it but by god when it's leveled up it feels so op.
By Anonymous
The weapon skill is very fast and chains into itself presumably till you're out of stamina. It being pure holy means it does alot of damaged if blocked by most enemies.

It does not seem to do much posture damage as the "test troll" in Stormveil will die before he crumples.
By Anonymous
This weapon art needs a nerf shouldn't deal half of someones hp in a single ranged projectile.
By Anonymous
Sounds like someone needs to level up their Vigor.
By Anonymous
Why don't the rings kill skellies the same way other holy attacks do?!
By Anonymous
If I had to venture a guess, it's likely because the golden orders holy is meant to deal with undead in that way, so because it's Miquella's holy it does not.
By Anonymous
I see where you're coming from, but the skill is based off of the ring incantations which are all Golden Order ones.
By Anonymous
hell yeah got this on my 6th try. I farmed the three knights in front of O’Neil’s area using the silver tear masking giving me 117 discovery and 17 arcane
By Anonymous
Dude how I'm on to killing like my 50th and all I've gotten are boots...
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Winged Scythe isn't better in *every* way. - It doesn't have a spammable ranged attack - It's *slightly* shorter, but that's negligible - It does significantly less physical damage Doing more holy damage is nice, but a faith build probably isn't lacking holy damage to begin with, and the Halo has its ranged ability for raw holy damage if that's what you want. They're both good weapons. I wouldn't call either strictly better than the other.
By Anonymous
Both scythes are really good. I powerstance with both of them. Angel's Wings is really powerful and great if your in melee range. It causes good bleed build up and can stagger easily. Also awesome for any invader(NPC or player) as they can't heal if you use it. Winged also scales better and will have higher AR. The kicker with the Halo Scythe is the excellent spammable/trackable ranged attack.
By Anonymous
WInged Scythe has less drip
By Anonymous
holy ****. i literally had to respec to arcane to get this thing LMAO
By Anonymous
The drop rate for this weapon is weird. others saying they've spent hours farming but i was able to get two of these, 4 swords, 2 spears and a full set of the armor all within 15 minutes as a brand new spell user just chucking rocks at the knights. no pickled fowl feet or scarab and base arcane from astrologer. So... Good luck and hope you have the luck i did!
By Anonymous
Yes, that is how RNG works. The RNG was on your side with this.
By Anonymous
This weapon is so strong. It's melee damage is ok, but the WA is really where this weapon goes from OK to bordeline broken. Fallen Star Beast? Fall for me.
Godskin Duo? Godskin dead'o.
Never mind how long it takes to farm it, if you get it, you're already Elden Lord.
By Anonymous
Foreskin duo
By Anonymous
I have a level 404 character with 120+ hours on him with many different holy damage builds. Personally, I find THIS to be the best holy damage option in the game using the ring of light. It's spammable, has great range, and great damage. I find this easier to build for than the golden order incantations. While the wiki says the WA scales off faith, I found a much more noticeable impact from upgrading the weapon itself.

I did some testing on the Albinaurics in Mohgwyn Palace using larval tears to change my faith. At 99 faith with the Shard of Alexander and Sacred Scorpion Charm with a +10 Halo Scythe, I did 1793 damage. Going down to 40 faith with the same build, I did 1618. The extra 59 levels in faith provided about an 11% increase in damage to my skill. Using a +0 Halo Scythe with 99 faith and the aforementioned talismans did 260 damage.

When using this in PvE, it is important to have a decent amount of distance between yourself and the enemy before using this. It is difficult to use in cramped areas or hitting an enemy at different elevations. Otherwise, going through NG+4 I use this skill to kill every boss except the ones with crazy holy resist (Maliketh, Elden Beast, etc.)
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