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By Anonymous
This would be great if the weapon art didn't get stuck on terrain half the time, it's literally unusable anywhere other than perfectly flat open areas
By Anonymous
I just dual-wielded this thing and fought Radagon with them. Despite the weapon dealing holy damage and bleed, both of which don't really affect Radagon, this thing absolutely clapped, and second-tried him at Rune Level 130- very strong weapon, despite having worse scaling than the Cleanrot Spear it ironically does far more damage.
By Anonymous
70 faith and this weapon art dmg still sucks dookie in pve compared to many other (still underwhelming but better/faster/stronger) incantations. Can't compete with the hp sponges From decided to put everywhere lategame. You play full faith and put all the other points into mind because you will spam that weapon art all day long and have to chuck blues nonstop to kill 5 enemies. Spells are no problem since you can just bust your nut on an enemy all day long with sodasteam (comet azur spell).
By AzraelDewitt
Statistics's a b***h. Got it second try while I wanted other items :/
By Anonymous
The chance of getting this on your first or second try is 4%. That means that you're chansen is 1/25 which isn't that low.
By Anonymous
Quick farming route I used - 3 kills in a minute or so. (I have no idea how to format on this site, so I imagine this is going to be hideous)

Don't forget your Discovery/Arcane gear: Silver Tear Mask, Silver Scarab, Silver Fowl Feet:

From the Heart of Aeonia Grace, face directly west and exit through the small gap, first knight will be right there:

From the first knight, face southish and pop over the root. You'll see the second knight there:
*(WARNING: TWO Spear Cleanrot knights are very close to this one and will very likely aggro you)

From the second knight, face east and #3 will be patrolling in the distance:

After the 3rd knight, face northish, run up the root, and you'll be back at the site of grace:
By Anonymous
This weapon has the best range and tracking weapon art of anything I have used with the MRoL. You can just spam it over and over again for good damage. Only thing I don't like is that you lunge forward when you use the WA, but that's really minor. At low to mid levels it obliterates anything. I tried it against Alecto for giggles, and it kept her away and in retreat the whole fight. Again, the tracking is pretty insane. Well worth it to go farm this and get one. Don't let the scaling turn you away.
By Anonymous
Would you get this around mid-game by following the grace path?
By TuesdayTyme
It's a 2% drop rate. My arcane at the time was 18 but still couldn't get it even using silver pickled fowl feet. I farmed it for a couple hours. Now I don't need it. I thought
maybe it would be good for defeating Astel. Turns out Astel is a glass cannon.
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