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By Anonymous
I have a level 404 character with 120+ hours on him with many different holy damage builds. Personally, I find THIS to be the best holy damage option in the game using the ring of light. It's spammable, has great range, and great damage. I find this easier to build for than the golden order incantations. While the wiki says the WA scales off faith, I found a much more noticeable impact from upgrading the weapon itself.

I did some testing on the Albinaurics in Mohgwyn Palace using larval tears to change my faith. At 99 faith with the Shard of Alexander and Sacred Scorpion Charm with a +10 Halo Scythe, I did 1793 damage. Going down to 40 faith with the same build, I did 1618. The extra 59 levels in faith provided about an 11% increase in damage to my skill. Using a +0 Halo Scythe with 99 faith and the aforementioned talismans did 260 damage.

When using this in PvE, it is important to have a decent amount of distance between yourself and the enemy before using this. It is difficult to use in cramped areas or hitting an enemy at different elevations. Otherwise, going through NG+4 I use this skill to kill every boss except the ones with crazy holy resist (Maliketh, Elden Beast, etc.)
By Anonymous
Is there no way for me to get this after I've killed O'Neil?
By Anonymous
there are still knights outside. just kill them
By Anonymous
You can farm it from a clean rot knight up the ladder from the shaded castle inner gate grace
By Anonymous
you get them from killing the knights in the area, most of them are in the ground so you gotta walk around a little bit to get them to get up
By Anonymous
I got it after I killed O'Neil. Took a LOT of farming though
By Anonymous
this weapon drops from the basic enemies wielding it
By Anonymous
You can farm it from a clean rot knight up the ladder from the Shaded Castle Inner Gate site of grace
By Anonymous
Needs Somber Stones not the regular Smithing stones
By Anonymous
Can't use incantations on it. Bummer
By Anonymous
Found it today, and it has lots of swag. Curious what the Ashes of War on it scale with, anybody know?
By AstralProdigy
It does holy damage I believe and scales with Faith.
By Anonymous
With faith and mostly weapon level
By Anonymous
This thing owns. The weapon art is a bit finnicky at first but the delayed projectile helps against enemies that tend to dodge projectiles. Relatively low FP cost also lets you spam this against larger enemies such as bosses and can shred anything weak to holy damage.
By AstralProdigy
I think the Angel Winged Scythe is honestly better. Mobile targets will dodge out of the projectiles path and the rings DO NOT track like they do for the NPC's. It also deals less Holy damage and the AoW have a sizeable wind up. It's good if you need a ranged option for a Faith Build early in the game, but comparatively the Angel Winged Scythe does great Holy damage on top of preventing tear flask usage.
By Anonymous
Winged Scythe ain't better.

And the rings CAN do 180�� bs to enemies like they do to me. Not my fault certain people either aren't skilled enough and/or don't want to put in the effort to learn how to use the Ash of War.

It is also better overall for damage with only investing in Faith, since the base physical is great.

Cope, AstralProdigy.
By Anonymous
I can't really tell at this point, but this weapon might be busted. Holy, Bleed and destructo discs in one package. It looks sick, too.
By Anonymous
What does the Ring of Light ability do?
By Anonymous
It fire halo blades that flies at the enemy in a slight curve. It deals holy dmg so you will shred bosses and undead who are weak to holy
By Anonymous
you swing your blade to cast a spinning disc of light that does holy damage. The disc has a slight delay before flying towards an enemy you locked on. You can get a ash of war counterpart from Commander o neil which does slightly less damage but you can apply it to polearms i think.
By Anonymous
It is the exact same thing as the light disks the enemies use against you.
By Anonymous
remember Destructo Disc in Dragon Ball? it flight slow but will always hit enemies at range (except for small / short enemies because lock on will aim at the ground instead)
By Anonymous
Shoots projectile holy rings
By AstralProdigy
1. The Faith Scaling is worse compared to the Angel Winged Scythe, but it has better Physical Str/Dex Scaling. Therefore dealing higher Physical Damage and Lower Holy Damage.
(Both of mine are +5. STR/DEX are High D/D and FTH is a Low D. The Winged Scythe has a Low D/D and FTH is C.)
2. The Ash of War can be spammed, making you throw out discs repeatedly. It also costs 11 FP per cast and deals Holy Damage. However, the discs DO NOT TRACK as the NPC's do and it has a considerable wind-up. (And NO You CAN NOT Change The AoW)
3. The move set is Identical to the Angel Winged Scythe.
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By Anonymous
They absolutely track. It���s not as intense as enemy���s, but the discs do track.
By Anonymous
Niether seem to track at close distances. You can sidestep both.... I believe they track very slightly at edge of their range. The reason the tracking looks more egregious is because of the disc wind up time. It will "track" until it leaves the weapon and arcs out.
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