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By Anonymous
Weight -- 4.5

--Attack Power--
Physical -- 31
Magic -- 0
Fire -- 0
Lightning -- 0
Holy -- 0
Critical -- 100
Sorcery Scaling 60

--Guarded Damage Negation--
Physical -- 28
Magic -- 17
Fire -- 17
Lightning -- 17
Holy -- 17
Guarded Boost -- 17

--Attribute Scaling--
Strength -- D
Intelligence -- B

--Attributes Required--
Strength -- 8
Intelligence -- 48

--Passive Effects--
Boosts Crystalian sorcery
By Anonymous
"Staff fashioned from pure crystal; a deed impossible for a human. Enhances Crystalian sorceries." "The Crystalian's faint cognition is known as the "wisdom of stone." This staff can only be wielded by those of intellect high enough to grasp such wisdom." "No skill." "This armament has no skill. If the armament in the other hand has a skill, that skill will be used instead."
By Anonymous
here's info:

Weight - 4.5
Attack - 31/0/0/0/100/60
Guard - 28/17/17/17/17/17
Scale - Str(D) / Int(B)
Requrements - Str(8) / Int(48)
Passive - Boosts Crystal Sorcery
By Anonymous
To get this staff you need to attack the cave wall before the Stronger Mage Mob. This is in the room immediately before the boss.
By Anonymous
You need to attack the illusion wall prior to the strong mage mob to access this staff
By Anonymous
Checked the location and couldn’t find it. Description sounds like the rune arc chest room. Maybe it’s dropped by the guard?
By Anonymous
nope, it is in the same room where you find the arc, but a level higher. you can access there throug a hidden wall out side that room
By Anonymous
After entering the room with the boss gate destroy a fake wall on the left side.
The staff is in a chest you can access from there.
By Anonymous
I have tested this staff with every crystal spell I have (crystal burst-crystal barrage-shattering crystal-crystal release) and I haven't had this staff buff/deal any more damage then with another even sorc scaling staff, so what spells work with this staff or is it bugged?
By Anonymous
at 88 int it has 191 scaling