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By Anonymous
killed malenia at level 70 with this thing, so ****in fun to use
By Anonymous
This used to be the best anti-gank tool in the game vs people mindlessly rushing in with no brain, and because it was bleed it could even take on massively overlevelled phantoms, but recent patches have completely destroyed it. Even with the perfect setup, they can either easily roll out of it or even just casually tank it and smack you around until you're knocked out of it. Totally useless now. Classic fromsoft.
By Anonymous
"The mother of truth desires a wound"
Hold up ...
By Anonymous
If you don't have the Sacred Relic Sword yet, this is surprisingly decent for albinauric farming if you've got some buffs going. Golden Vow, Flame Grant me Strength, Fire Scorpion Charm, Flame Shrouding Cracked Tear.
By Anonymous
Is this a Gwyn´s reference?
By Anonymous
one of my favs , i run this with 75 Arc / 75 dex &60 str .... destroys most bosses
By Anonymous
This weapon shouldn't even exist in the game. It's entirely too strong at too many things. Standard attack damage, weapon art damage, weapon art coverage, the ease of roll catching. It's straight cancer. It's easier to punish in more random environments, but it completely ruins any arena match it is used in.
By Anonymous
absolute beast of an invasion weapon
By Anonymous
weapon feels not so great anymore :(
By Anonymous
When you want to kill Malenia but are too lazy to learn her moveset.
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