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By Anonymous
bad *** weapon right here
By Anonymous
and the weapon art is so good against a lot of bosses
By Anonymous
This can be used for a ganon cosplay
By Anonymous
Bugged scaling because it's mixed damage and arcane scaling
By Anonymous
Does anyone know what the bloodflame buff from the weapon art scales with?
By Anonymous
it scales with nothing. it's bugged.
By Anonymous
With minimum stats its at a 387 AR, which is quite lackluster in my eyes. Its scaling also seems to be buggy at the moment, considering no matter how much I pour into Strength or Arcane, it damage stays the same.

By Anonymous
Yes this and the rivers of blood katana seem to get no bonuses from scaling. Given that they are both weapons capable of causing a lot of bleed, I wonder if it���s actually a balancing decision.
By Anonymous
Scaleing is currently bugged for split damage arcane weapons
By Anonymous
All mixed damage type arcane weapons are bugged at the moment, they don't scale at all
By Anonymous
A few weapons seem to have this problem
By Anonymous
Is it me or is there no scaling damage on this weapon? I have only raw damage diplayed, no matter how much i level up, once i meet the requirements it doesn't scale any further..
By Anonymous
It appears to be bugged at the moment, the stat requirements listed on it are inaccurate. Despite meeting all of them, the weapon still has - on its damage instead of +, anyone have any idea what the actual requirements are?
By Anonymous
Scaling is bugged
By Anonymous
Another bugged arcane's been out a week. When is From getting on this?
By Anonymous
When they are back from a well earned vacation most likely
By kodaxmax
IKR? They were pretty quick to fix the weapon buff consumables being refunded when you die to a boss
By Anonymous
If I could like comments, I would like the one from the fellow above me.
By Faz6
When they are back from a well earned vacation most likely +1
By Anonymous
Now it's patched and it's good.
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