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By Mani
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Harder than Margit
By Anonymous
you can parry Margit but not a bull full of rocks ramming toward you at mach 3
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Margit was a cakewalk, with wolves
By Aria Athena
Hardest thing in the first 3-4 areas, including the castle and the well, and some dingdong chest just sent me there while I was still naked and holding a club.
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By Medved
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Bastard might be intended to teach you to not smash your head against a brick wall and do something else if you hit a difficulty spike.
By Anonymous
@Medved Kinda figured that's what Margit Simpson's there for, no?
By Anonymous
Use Scarlet rot and/or poison against this fecker.
Also bleed doesn't seem to work, or be good against it.
By Anonymous
Lightning hurts it to some degree
By Anonymous
You can stagger this guy; careful when crit attacking as it can put you outside the map and remove you from the fight
By Anonymous
this has to be the most random boss in the whole from soft games. I have no idea how to tackle it as a melee player.
By Anonymous
Throw 30 attempts at it and try to memorize every animation perfectly. That's the only way i could beat it. The head is a weakpoint, but trying to hit it's head killed me more times than it actually helped dealing damage.
By Anonymous
any tips for beating this BEAST? Arena is so small and he charges around like crazy!
By Anonymous
Try magic or magic infused weapons. Blunt weapons would prolly work a little better than any other type, but magic damage is magic damage, you work with what you got.
By Anonymous
**** this b!tch
By Anonymous
Using blunt weapon with holy enchant. Doing NO damage to this guy
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