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By Anonymous
Lets get that Eochaid DLC.
By Anonymous
This is possibly the most powerful straight sword. It far outperforms an occult broadsword in and arcane build.

If you are doing a bleed build and want a secondary weapon that is good for bleed-immune enemies this is excellent. The ash works great on miners and the like.
By Anonymous
This is the best weapon imo to pair with the albinauric staff in an arc/int hybrid build imo. You can pump arcane for the majority of your damage, boost spellcasting via rapid damage talismans and physik and also use things like terra magica which will increase the damage of the sword a lot. (On a 20 dex/60 arcane split, about half of the damage on this is gonna be magic damage, so terra magica is a 17.5% damage boost).

Not to mention that if you get a 2nd one via NG+, duping or trading, you can powerstance 2 straight swords, which is one of the best and fastest movesets in the game, giving you another way to maintain all your consecutive attack damage buffs.
By Anonymous
At 90 Str, 90 Dex, and 90 Arcane. This baby is getting to a base damage of 709 at +9. That's wild. If you just focus stats on Dex/Arc the weapon has a respectable 672 damage. This is all one handed.
By Anonymous
oh wow, a weapon has high damage at level 300! other breaking news: rain found falling from clouds
By Anonymous
18 dex required with a weapon that scales only with arcane. also no bleed. this is why no one uses this sword
By Anonymous
I’m grabbing this specifically for an arcane build because it doesn’t bleed. Need something to deal damage without bleed for Radagon, and EB
By Anonymous
Just use Millicent's Prosthesis. It boosts the AoW and gives +5 Dexterity.
By Anonymous
To the guy who gave the jumping guide, I freaking love you!!!
By Anonymous
Is a reference to Sword of Goujian, Was sword found submerged in a cave in china of King of Yueh, During period of Sun Tzu, name was likely crossed off of sword do to the betrayal they did tworads wu clan
By Anonymous
damn the sword dances better than me
By Anonymous
it has a minor bug, where the weapon skill wont hit a target if is close. or far. o mid range. locked on. not locked on, etc. and when it doest the dmg is pretty low, and won't stagger anything, you can get memed by lonely claymans, it was not play tested. it makes u admire brair and the bell hunter for actually landing this skill. the damage is good, and if you are going full arcane you can swap to this against anything bleed resistant. it helped me against lot of enemies before getting ocult
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Gaol cave in caelid I believe. after defeating the boss there should be an exit to a cliff in limgrave and the sword should just be sitting there
By Anonymous
This is part of the alure and mystique of this weapon, this is the only straight sword i never got on my first playthrough and I spent HOURS trying to find this cave, now as I type this I have a level 21 bandit inside the prison, i mean jail cave, gaol cave. Either way im so close I can taste the regalia.
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