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By Anonymous
Can stop a bloodthirsty group of 3 in their tracks. S tier invasion ash.
By Anonymous
This on a cold-infused big weapon (Large Club in my case) really saved me on Malenia. Great poise damage, staggers her out of most things, usually allows you to do additional action (drink/buff/R2) along with the 3rd wave, pretty good damage. Also, using it right after a poise-broken crit feels almost cheap.

I imagine using it on a Bleed+Cold weapon (like cold Great Stars) would work even better.
By Anonymous
This AoW is pretty sick. You can put it on the celebrant skull great club and utilize it very effectively in a build that typically might wield the moonlight great sword. The damage is pretty good at high levels of int, it causes AoE stagger and you can even use it from around corners to cheese would-be ambushers. A great weapon for my spellcaster kit.
By Anonymous
This is a great skill in PVP with frost bite. Easily knocks down players trying to rush you, and the final swing procs frost. Love using it with the zweihander too.
By Anonymous
This thing is a stamina hog! But I LOVE IT! lol. Zweihander at +13 - it's not a boss melter but it clears a room nice.

The waves do not proc frostbite - but the weaponpart - if it's a direct connect - appears to insta proc. That is not something you can reliably hit consistently! But if knock the person down first .... :3 YESSSS
By Anonymous
I was having trouble with the follow up swing, the waves slamming down killed anything before I could land it. But I put it on a zweihander for Niall at castle sol and it worked very well.
By DTPandemonium
They fixed the description, it now states great spears as well. The patch notes said ''Fixed a bug that caused Weapon Arts to be incorrectly used with specific combinations of weapon and Weapon Arts.'' so I thought they removed my favorite combo but they also updated the description.
By Anonymous
No one expects the caster with the large curved club to invade they're world. Usually aren't ready for the caster to stand their ground and drop this ash as the host and his phantoms rush him either. 10/10 would magic bonk again
By Anonymous
waves of dankness
By Anonymous
They should have made it possible to put this on staves since it’s a good defensive option. Currently, sorcery is all about moonveil burst damage and Carian Slicer pressure. Imagine if after you put your Terra Magica down, you could defend that space. Just a thought.
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