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By HollowRaccoon
Please fix this ashes, it is currently bugged and either the first waves wont register as hits on real players or the final sweep attack wont register as a hit on normal enemies, tested many times and they do nothing
By Anonymous
can also confirm this for pve, on surviving enemies final swing doesn't damage... granted the skill is still very strong against npc enemies.
By Anonymous
you know, there are places for actual bug reports, I don't think Fextralife is passing your messages along in his/their spare time LOL
By Anonymous
For me waves register BUT the whirling attack after waves does not! Does anyone know when they will fix it?
By Anonymous
Noticed that too. Thankfully I don't like the follow up but enjoy the 3 waves.
By Anonymous
can confirm heavy attack after using the skill does not do anything but waste time and stamina right now.
By Anonymous
rejoice, boy
By Anonymous
Pretty sure the issue with the follow up is caused by the hit animation of the shockwave. It appears the shockwave hot grants a sort of immunity like one stagger animations and what not. I base this assumption purely on my incredibly limited testing and just some guess work to try and explain the unfortunate truth that part of this skill doesn't seem to work. Otherwise the shockwaves are still strong as ****
By Anonymous
make gankers repent with this one simple trick
By Anonymous
So, while the followup R2 doesn't seem to work, you can cancel the followup input window by crouching. This lets you charge an R2 or poke with a crouch R1 while the shockwaves are still going out.
By Anonymous
Latest patch (1.03) did not fix the heavy follow-up whiffing even on large, high poise enemies that wouldn't stagger and iframe like another commenter pointing out might be the cause. Ash of War: Golden lands has the weapon animation and heavy follow-up and the heavy follow-up works on that.
By Anonymous
It has nothing to do with iframes, the followup hit is just bugged. I've had times where I delayed the second R2, with enemies that run into the hitbox that have not been hit by the shockwave, and the attack still does nothing.
By Anonymous
I'm aware it has nothing to do with iframes. The iframe comment was in response to another post suggesting it was the case.
By Anonymous
As of patch 1.03, this ash of war is still currently bugged, where the final sweep still does not register. A shame too, because this is definitely one of the stronger ashes in the 'Gravitas' type family.
By Anonymous
This skill does insane damage. I've hit 10k+ with a single cast on a giant, I killed NG+ Morgott with it in 4 casts and an R2. Brick Hammer Magic Enchanted +25, 40 str 40 int. Buff yourself with Golden Vow, Magic Damage physic. Regularly hits most enemies for 1000+ per wave. I got my 10k hit with those buffs as well as 30% from poisoning myself, the 30% magic damage circle buff, skill damage / magic damage talisman, and the perfumers enrage.
By Anonymous
Dude, you're stacking like 5 or 6 different buffs, what do you expect? It would be shocking if it DIDN'T do high damage at that point.
By Anonymous
Work with Colossal Swords, or just Colossal "Weapons" (Hammers/Axes)?
By Anonymous
it works on colossal swords
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