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By Anonymous
so i attack an enemy then use a branch and it will fo9llow me as a follower?
By Anonymous
Does anyone know what enemies can be charmed? I highly doubt it could be just anyone, that would be kinda strong.
By Anonymous
Likely any non-boss. Since the ingredients are exceedingly rare, the merchant only sells 5 of those per play though. I doubt people can make it rain in normal play through.
By Anonymous
I used it against a slug, and it spat at me... v_v
By Anonymous
I'm srry to hear that... :'c
By Anonymous
Lmao take my upvote
By Rathial
I tried this on the cocoon and Balaid or whatever when he went berserk :( it didn't work in either case
By Anonymous
Does anyone know if when used while invaded will the bewitched enemy attack the invader?
By Anonymous
I don't see why not. This mechanic worked in previous games with similar items.
By Anonymous
Works good for Commander Niall fight. You can basically steal his two summons and get them working on your side.
By Anonymous
most of the time it does not work, they get not smoked in enough
By Anonymous
This can be used to charm one of the knights in the Commander Naill bossfight.
By Anonymous
I just tried it there - used it twice and did absolutely nothing :(
By Anonymous
Can also confirm this works. Used it on my RL1 run to clear the fight last week.

Just run to the right upon entry and charm the dual blade knight first then move in to the shield knight and watch them bring Niall to 30-40% HP and get unsummoned.
By Anonymous
Tried to use it on the fatty demons, doesn't seem to work tho.
By Anonymous
The charm effect lasts for 3 minutes and will remain even if you run far away from the charmed enemy, until you go far enough that they despawn, of course. Enemies do not have to be physically struck or damaged by the bewitching branch's thrusting animation to be charmed. The actual charming attack seems to be the poof of pink smoke after thrusting, which emits a brief area-of-effect in front of you, because multiple enemies can be charmed with one use if they are bunched up in front of you.
Charmed enemies using turrets like ballistas will use them against visible enemies. Charmed enemies do not follow you, and if no hostile enemies are close by, they either stand still or seem to return to their spawn point or where they are scripted to stand or do an animation. For example, those packs of flying bats, if you aggro one single bat away from its pack then charm it, if will fly straight back to its pack. And be killed by its fellow batmen. Another example is the patrolling banished knight by the Rampart Tower elevator. If charmed he will resume his scripted patrol back and forth.
Charmed enemies will not attack other charmed enemies, they only attack enemies that are close to them and actively hostile to you, for example I charmed a miner and he did not attack the other miner right next to him, when I punched the uncharmed miner and he started chasing me, the charmed miner attacked him.
Charmed enemies cannot be locked on, but you can still attack and backstab/critical them. Charmed enemies will never retaliate if you attack them, and attacking them does not reduce the duration of the charm effect.
Be warned, you can still be harmed by a charmed enemy's attacks, stay out of their way if they are dangerous.
Confirmed uncharmable enemies:
Giant trolls, grafted scions, lesser runebears, godrick/radahn/ect. knights, kaiden mercenaries, giant and lesser spider hands, direwolves, and flame chariots cannot be charmed, and it is safe to assume bosses and such cannot be charmed.
Noteworthy confirmed charmable enemies:
Ogres, living pots, the caster atop the Highway Lookout Tower, and that flame-dust-spewing ***** at the Village of the Albinaurics can be charmed. While the last two sound useful, their actual practicality is limited. Charmed enemies do not follow you or search for enemies. Their lines-of-sight and hearing radiuses remain unchanged so in other words, they are almost blind and deaf. For example, the caster atop the tower will not snipe at everyone that spawns at the road below, because he is not looking in that direction and there is no way to make him look down there.
Basically, you must lead enemies to your charmed enemy, not the other way around.

TL;DR This is a ridiculously rare and niche item and I struggle to think of a good use for it beside some kind of hypothetical speedrun strat where you charm a powerful enemy so you can kill it effortlessly and take its drops or something.
By Anonymous
Maybe its part of a questline?
By Anonymous
I think I read somewhere that the Mimic Summon will use equipped items/bolts/arrows. Not 100% on that though
By Anonymous
You can use this to charm one of the summoned knights in the captain Niall fight, it'll usually fight the other one or the boss. It gets killed fairly quickly but it relieves a lot of the stress of those two extra knights. That is of course if you can land it, best way I can think of is to go away and start the animation as it's charging at you, tho you'll probably get hit.
By Anonymous
To the person saying mimic uses your items, its factual. I had the 3 main potions in my hotbar, but an additional gold talon for more runes on certain bosses, and most the times the mimic would start the fight by eating one of the talons for whatever reason lol. Even saw him do it twice in a fight once, thought he was using an estus at first. And I had only 2 for that moment specifically.
By Anonymous
So this is similar to DS3's Rapport spell, right?
By Anonymous
I used it on the noble where all the guys are before the lord of blood
By Anonymous
Thanks for the detailed info
By friggle
if only there was some way you could've added this info to the page. Someone should make a wiki
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By Azareis
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Gonna point out here that Shattershard Arrows are pretty great at grouping enemies that aren't aggroed, and leaving them super vulnerable to this. Could easily use it as a way to just steal a small chunk of an encounter.
By Anonymous
Maybe he doesn't know how to do it, friggle. If only there was someone who knew, like a VIP member or something -.-
By Anonymous
You can make them, but you need to fight Mogh the Blood Lord then talk to Gideon. I just read that. You get the Fevor's Cookbook 3, then make them. Sucks that this stuff is easily missable.
By Anonymous
You don't actually have to fight Mohg, you just need to visit his area and the you can just return to talk to gideon
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