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By Anonymous
Confirmed that this works in PvP / Charmed enemies will attack invaders. Charmed enemies can also be healed/buffed.

By Anonymous
Works on the Godskin Apostle. Not sure about the noble and not sure about the boss fights.
By Anonymous
I just tested this and I does not work.
By Anonymous
You can charm Commander Nialls two spirit companions to make them your allies in the boss fight.
By Kokca
you can't charm skeletons on freezing lake :(
By Anonymous
Doesn't work on Haligtree Knights. There are two of them and an Erdtree Avatar guarding the Elphael Inner Wall grace. That fight is complete BS ganking with overpowered enemies and it was the only instance where I actually used the Bewitching Branch, hoping to even the odds, only to realize that it's useless garbage.
By Anonymous
Yeah, it's weird that it works on Cleanrot Knights but not on the Haligtree Knights, and if there's a spot in the game that feels like it's made on purpose for using this item, this should be it. Seems like they decided at random what could or could not be affected.
By Anonymous
Might have to do with the lore. The haligtree knights are already bewitched by miquella if you read their helm description.
By Anonymous
you can use these on commander nial's summons making it alot easier
By Anonymous
Ah yes, the item that makes it clear that Mohg likes little boys : He likes Miquella's "lily", aka his "bewitching branch", or rather, his "sacramental bud" *wink wink*. The latter's description mentioning something about "cultivated with youthful [...]"
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
The **** am i reading
By Anonymous
Outing yourself real hard.
By Anonymous
Freak behavior
By Anonymous
Pedo's get they *** beat
By Anonymous
Honestly I can see mogh being a pedo I mean he does want to get his freak on with family members also
By Anonymous
can be used on giant dogs to make bell bearing hunter fights bearable
By Anonymous
I applaud the pun.
And also thanks for the tip.
By Anonymous
Thank you, Tarnished. This is precisely the information I was looking for.
By Anonymous
The albinauric archers cannot be charmed either.
By Anonymous
does this work for godskin duo
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Not as far as I can tell.
By Anonymous
hell no, this item only works on mobs like the phantoms that Commander Niall summons. not actual bosses like godskin apostle/noble. try using sleep status effect against the duo instead, sleep pot or sword of st trina works well against them.
By Anonymous
No, try throwing sleep pots instead on the fatty and fighting skinny.
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