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By Anonymous
As a souls players that’s 100% all but demon souls [no PS5 :(], I find it a little disappointing that the max upgrades aren’t obtainable outside their fixed drops, but only because there’s absolutely no new content come ng+. No talismans or items, just upgrade mats.
That being said, builds that are capable of using more weapons than what the Max upgrades can allow, I believe, have overplayed that save file. I think it’s rather telling when the devs make levels past 180~ ridiculously expensive.
By Anonymous
While it would be somewhat nice to farm slabs, I've been having heaps of fun cycling the game on a RL 250+ character. ER gives you so many build options and there are so many cool weapons that really shine situationally. I've got about a dozen weapons I love to use at any given moment. You still get about one level per boss kill as the runes they give you also increase. So yeah, it's still awesome, for me it's much better than gathering all of the upgrade stones or flask upgrades for the nth time.
By Anonymous
Dark Souls:
Oh boy i screwd siegmeyers quest so i got one slab got my main weapon
Ng+ it is

Elden Ring:
Whaaaaaaas ONLY Eight Somber smithing stones???
How am I SUPPOZED to beat the game wizz only eight fully upgraded weaponssz??
From u arr unfairrr!!
By Anonymous
You will never be sentient. My condolences.
By Anonymous
Man is on point, why do people dislike this post? Do they really have more fun in a broken-down PvP than in PvE and can't just go to NG+?
By Anonymous
Dark Souls: Oh boy, I didn't finish Siegmeyer's quest correctly and missed out on one of the three manually placed titanite Slabs in the world. NG+ it is...n't, because I can defeat the infinitely spawning Darkwraiths in New Londo if I want infinitely more Slabs. Demon titanite? Farm the respawning titanite Demon. White Titianite Slab? Farm the Pinwheel enemies in Tomb of the Giants. Etc., etc.

Dark Souls 2: Oh, I wasted some Slabs, let me go shave off a couple of hundred of them from the Stone Soldiers in Drangleic Castle (which is one of the few enemies that respawns infinitely *without the Covenant of Champions*), etc.

Dark Souls 3: Oh, I wasted my Slabs, and there are no more Slab sources. Well, at least the Twinkling titanite and titanite Scales have infinite sources, I'll try the special weapons perhaps.

Elden Ring: Whoops, wasted all my maximum upgrade materials, and none of them have infinite sources. This is fine.
By Anonymous
You can buy all smithing stones and somber stones excluding max upgrades from Twin Maiden Husk if you give it required bell bearings, what are you talking about?
By Anonymous
Only eight? So many Int weapons are Somber :(
By Anonymous
You can only wield 6 weapons though lol
By Anonymous
Just NG+.............
By Anonymous
You can get the one in Moghwyn Palace pretty easily if you have the Cannon of Haima spell. From the mid-point grace site (the one at the exit of the caverns full of Sanguine Nobles), just ignore the mob guarding the chest and send yourself up with the lift. From there you can manually launch cannon shells down onto the mob - it takes a bit of trial and error (old-school artillery style), but there's nothing any of them can do about it besides get annoyed, run around for a bit, lose interest and return to their original locations. You will need several cerulean flasks and a bit of luck, but with the grace site so close to it, you have infinite attempts as well - the hardest bit is getting to + activating the grace.
By Anonymous
You can hold up to 999 Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.
You can store up to 999 Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Must be a punishment from Heavens to farm 999 stones )
By Anonymous
It's a bit amusing that if you choose to skip Snowfields, Morbin Palace and Haligtree, which are all completely optional locations, you can gain only two out of eight Ancient Dragon Slabs per playthrough (one in Farum Azula and another in Ashen Capital). But knowing this, 99% of people will still visit them to grab as many as possible, even if they don't want to fight local bosses. Well, playing DS1 for the first time without guides you probably won't acquire a single titanite Slab.
By Anonymous
Not to mention the Farum Azula one is hidden in an optional area and the one in Ashen capital aint exactly on your way to the next boss.
By DroopySnail4813
Grabbing all 8 in a run is pretty easy as long as you don't skip Latenna
By Anonymous
Only monsters skip Latenna.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I've probably said this tip before, but on ps4 there is an exploit you can do with a friend to essentially have infinite of these. You need PS PLUS, but obviously if you're playing with a friend you'd have it. So what you do is upload your save before using any of them, upgrade any weapons you want to max, hand only those to your friend, and then download your save file, and keep doing this until you've given your friend every weapon you want maxed, then reset again and then ask for the weapons to be handed back to you.
By Anonymous
the trust is insane
By Anonymous
U can do it on Xbox too
By Anonymous
Oh wow, you're so clever! Sharing how to dupe items, you absolute genius
By Anonymous
Why are some people so snarky and unloved
By Anonymous
You answered your own question, they’re snarky BECAUSE they’re unloved
By Anonymous
Sounds a lot of work, but props to you if you want to get all the weapons maxed lol
By Anonymous
The location in Farum azula is wrong:
The Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone is found in a small temple after the described dragon.
The Dragon only drops a ancient dragon smithing stone.
By Anonymous
No it is right, you just didn't read it correctly
By Anonymous
Then why is it listed on the somber ancient dragon smithing stone page and as a location for 1 of the 8 somber ancient dragon smithing stones?
By Anonymous
I don't feel particularly hard done by knowing there are eight of these +10 somber stones available in each playthrough. But having one of those eight locked behind Malenia is just wrong and it's hard to see it as anything other than a big "f**k you buddy!" from the devs. I just about beat her in my first playthrough but it isn't an exaggeration on my part in saying my deaths to her got close, if not into triple figures before I beat her.
The only reason I stuck at it was to get the needle and not be forced to have the three fingers ending.
Only the top tier of players are going to have access to all eight +10 somber stones past the first playthrough.

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By DarkMojo
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plus if you do the slightest thing wrong on some of the quests you are locked out.
You don't know you are about to do something wrong (like killing a boss you silly rabbit) -- you are just punished for playing the game.
By Anonymous
I'm not even sure what I'd use all 8 for... Felt like I was drowning in them. I suppose if you respec it might be nice to have them? But having only 7 of 8 if you don't bother with Melania... Isn't exactly gut wrenching.
By Anonymous
Prime example of a skill issue.
By Anonymous
Prime example of a skill issue
By Anonymous
Why would you complain about being able to get "only" 7 per playthrough without killing Malenia? It's still a lot and you won't need more than 3-4 per build anyways since you only need them for some weapons. You're not being locked out of anything.
By Anonymous
Bruh if you're at Melania you should have no trouble getting one of the other ones
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