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By Eibon_the_Martyr
Darn, was hoping this weapon would have that derpy as hell cartwheel. XD
By Anonymous
yeah, its a shame, they should make that an AoW
By Anonymous
arcane build rise up
By Anonymous
Is there any point of play acrane builds outside of minimal requirements?
By Anonymous
Blood Affinity, and possibly Occult Affinity scale off arcane, also you will have super high droprates.
By Anonymous
It's fun to play niche builds
By Anonymous
Dragon communion uses arcane primarily with faith just for requirements. And with stuff like rotten breath its amazing
By Anonymous
Dragon magic scales mostly with arcane. I havent found blood magic, but i assume it will at least partially scale w arcane
By Anonymous
I enjoy murdering everything effortlessly on arcane builds.

People complaining about bugged arcane weapons are the stupidest people i swear.

Oh you can make any weapon that is ash of war infusable arcane... literally any of em

Caestis, curved swords, great swords. Etc.

I run around with dual curved swords that do 99 bleed and a ton of damage, + my dragon shouts. Good times.
By Anonymous
there is better options within low requirements, but if you really want that extra poise for swings, then why not. in some far fetched scenarios this is playable. like, if you can't find occult affinity for your weapon and don't want to waste those upgrade stones. maybe best argument for this weapon is fashion.
By Anonymous
It eventually becomes S scaling with Arcane. Decent weapon, Arcane builds are no longer a meme.
By Anonymous
When they fix the bugged scaling on some of the arcane weapons we will be glorious
By ImHedgehog
For me Upgrades with regular stones not somber smithing stones
By ImHedgehog
+6 weapon has 98 physycal atack and S scaling in Arcane making it viable weapon for Arcane builds
By Anonymous
For reference, lordsworn straight sword has 128 at +0
By Anonymous
Lordsworn has worse scaling so later in the game it'll be worse than the ripple if you invest in arcane
By Anonymous
this uses regular smithing stones, not somber
By Anonymous
idk why this blade doesnt allow for ashes of war reforging
By Anonymous
It's just that arcane dog, even ashes of war cant out arcane it
By Anonymous
if only i could put quickstep on this.
By Anonymous
From +3 to +4 scaling goes from A to S
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