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By Anonymous
really needs to last longer. it moves so slow you can't really provide a lot of pressure while its active
By Anonymous
NG+ use it to kill Adan for ultimate bm
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By Arcadian130
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It feels like this spell is more of a situational pressure tool than anything. Like you cast this, and then cast other spells to keep up the pressure. But I do agree, the spell as it stands isn't really that great. At the very least amp up the range of the explosion.

Conceptually, it does look cool summoning a floating sun to decimate your enemies
By Anonymous
I don't see this being talked about anywhere, but this spell detonates after colliding with enemies bodies or walls. It can detonate instantly on tighter walls/low ceiling places. Keep it for graves, caves or tighter spaces on legacy dungeons, and elden stars for open field (as the light flashes gets nullified when colliding with walls). But if you are not running a pure faith char, rot breath versatility might makes it a better option on pvp.
By Anonymous
At least this is still somewhat usable on humanoid enemies, unlike elden stars...
By Anonymous
Okaaay....This spell isn’t that great. The giants seal boosts the damage, great. Said seal also boosts giants flame take thee! And flame fall upon them! Those two incantations are good. They also are charged spells, Godfrey Icon boosts those too. Flame fall upon them even got a buff in the recent patch. In other words, flame of the fell god, you’re not legendary
By Anonymous
not useless, but incredibly niche.
By Anonymous
anybody know if this gets sucked up by eternal darkness spell?
By Anonymous
Yes it does because the spell absorbs all spell incoming
By Anonymous
Does this even compare to Giantsflame Take Thee in any way other than looks? I don't mean to **** on it, but it seems really sub-par for a legendary spell that requires pretty significant investment in Faith to even use.
By Anonymous
Flame of the Fell God can be acquired early while Giantsflame Take Thee is found at endgame. As you pointed out, it requires significant investment, but pure faith builds can get some mileage out of this spell before they have access to the more powerful stuff. Flame of the Fell God is also easily dodged in pvp (and even some npc pve, like the white masks in Mohgwyn Dynasty).
By Anonymous
^^^ Oops, I meant Giantsflame Take Thee in the last sentence. In fact, the best (and only significant) advantage of Flame of the Fell God is that enemy ai doesn't know how to dodge it.
By Anonymous
this has its uses.

knock back on some really big mobs... good example is the mobs right at the start of the sewers... they are big and tanky for most builds...

with this spell alone you can cheese them and just keep knocking them over with the benny hill theme in the background.

spells have a much larger metric then ' damage/fp' some have a bit more skill then your bread and butter yeet-skeet spam.

this spell is good. just need to know when
By Anonymous
You do realize Giantsflame can do that too,and more right?
By Anonymous
Its's pretty to look at... That's it
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