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By Anonymous
It's 50 fp, not 20
By Anonymous
It got patched, what a shame.
By Anonymous
You get it from one of the evergaol bosses, it costs 50 fp and does trash damage, the explosion hits for a about 500 for me right now with 41 faith, it's super hard to hit on a moving opponent since it takes like 10 seconds to blow up, and the lingering damage is mega slow, it's cool but bad
By Anonymous
I have 50 faith and I���m using a +7 godson seal, I���ve done around like 750+ and at times 1000+ damage to some bosses.
By Anonymous
some of the spells are balanced to be used with a certain infinite fp buff.
By Anonymous
Forbidden sun
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By Azareis
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Nah. Great Chaos Fireball / Great Chaos Fire Orb.
By Anonymous
Considering how bad/unreliable it seems to be, it should indeed be forbidden... from the game lol
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By ldbeth
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no the forbidden sun has very fast cast time, almost straight projectile motion, fast traveling speed, decent aoe damage, 0 faith/int requirements, can be spell swapped for 60 casts. this lame thing has everything in the opposite, slow, can be easily dodged, short range, delayed, pathetic aoe, 42 faith requirement, costs high FP.
By Anonymous
Cruel sun
By Anonymous
This spell is lame, the explosion is programmed to only hit one (1) enemy at a time and the ground burn does very little damage. It's not good versus groups and it's not good versus strong foes. Maybe okay in PvP to give yourself some room, but I bet most people just roll through its very telegraphed explosion.
By Anonymous
I tested this on the troll near the storm shack.

It's slow and when it impacted the troll, it took 1 second before it exploded and at that point the troll had already moved away so it did zero damage.

When it did hit, it did about 500 damage. In comparison I cast a lightning spear and did 700 damage, so it's absolutely trash.

By Anonymous
It���s just situational. Lightning spear has much more general utility and straightforward use, but doesn���t have the aoe, hitstun, and delayed attack potential that fell god has.
By Anonymous
It seems that no matter how many enemies are in the aoe of the initial explosion, only one takes damage. Others will be damaged by the residual fire, but not the blast.
By Anonymous
The problem is that the AoE happens above ground, presumably in a spherical shape so it's tricky to get a consistent performance. But it can hit multiple targets. Maybe if fired from lower ground or free aimed...
By Anonymous
Taking this spell decreased my max memory slots by 1 wtf
By Anonymous
It takes up 2 slots, not the usual 1 like lesser spells
By Anonymous
It definitely can hit multiple enemies I tested it. But the explosion hitbox is disappointingly small so likely you will only hit one enemy. Also the burning ground afterwards does almost no damage, I would just use Flame of Frenzy instead.
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