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By Anonymous
Gideon is the all-knowing AND all-hearing. His armor literally has a bunch of mock ears.
By Anonymous
Bro acts all serious but drops 100 runes
By Anonymous
He's a smart NPC that spent all his runes before the battle
By Anonymous
ensha lah
By Anonymous
As-salamu alaykum
By Anonymous
I’m truly surprised I don’t see someone doing a lore dive as to why an ashen one’s body was used to make an armour, whether the player character or another from the souls side of things. I see it as more of a nod to the history of what was, but it’d be fun if there was the element of the age of flame looking to rekindle its lost power.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
If you rearrange "Ensha" you get "Ashen" They made an anagram of his name
By Anonymous
interesting theory, but chances are it's more of a nod to DS3 then anything significant (little info to go off).
By Anonymous
Wish you can kill npcs in roundtable
By Anonymous
Does anyone know if you can kill the two fingers during Ensha's invasion or if the door's closed? It's the only time you can attack in the around table.
By Anonymous
The doors are open, but the fingers aren’t there. You can actually jump on their chair.
By Anonymous
I actually died to him once lol, when I was traveling to the hold I got up to get food only to come back seeing I died
By Anonymous
"Hello Ensha one"
By Anonymous
They removed the mimic boss's questline, which had dialog & made sense of it, yet they kept this guy. Why does Fromsoft do this
By Divine_Knight
What is this guy even supposed to be? He dies in like 2-3 hits and why doesnt he talk? "Of the royal Remains" my a s s theres nothing royal remaining about it. And is the regen effect even supposed to be helpful? You regenerate marginal amounts of hp at Like 1/5 of your entire bar, right? That bullcrab If you ask me. The Armor itself isnt worth using either and it looks laughable edgy. Shouldve just deleted that character, not even a real questline, doesnt Bring anything new or good to the table...a big ducking disappointment.
By Anonymous
Ensha is more to a background character for gideon
By Anonymous
The character is actually a reference to you
By Anonymous
He's meant to be fought at lower-levels.
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