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By Anonymous
I want him to SUFFER. I hate this guy so much.
By Anonymous
(comment about notes & trivia): I think the 'all hearing' is gideon. His armor has ears all over it!
By Anonymous
Is it just me or does his armor look pretty close to that of the Royal Knight armor? Kinda makes me wonder about his storyline. Was he a royal knight of Carian? How did he get the title of "Lord of the lost and desperate"? The lost and desperate title also makes me wonder if he created the roundtable hold? Did it say who made it?
By Anonymous
So Ensha is an Elden Ring darkwraith.
By Anonymous
edge, lord
By Anonymous
Ensha, that Armor with the Golden Bones are actually Ensha, there is no Body inside of that Armor, only those bones. He is Soulless. funny enough his Armor could very well be Fully made of Blue Gold.
By Anonymous
I got both of the haligtree medallion half before teleporting to the roundtable hold and i didn't get invaded.
By Anonymous
if burned the roundtable he will disapper
By Anonymous
I got both halves and returned before slaying FG just now and got invaded. It’s the conflagration of the Erdtree that makes him disappear because he loses faith in Gideon.
By Anonymous
Ensha is a husk of a dead demigod whose headless body lies in the mausoleum outside Castle Sol. The real Ensha is going to be a boss in the DLC.
By Anonymous
Source; Trust me, bro.
By Anonymous
having used a female body replacer mod, Ensha was changed as well, so he may be a she?
By Anonymous
Consider that we have a demigod seeking Godhood in Elphael, Miquella. Certainly heteronormative, but this is a fantasy setting.
By Anonymous
I thought Ensha was a woman before this page referred to them as a man
By Anonymous
"Oh, my apologies for that nasty business. Ensha got rather ahead of himself, it seems. As his master, I'd like to express my regret. But now, Ensha is slain and gone. Finished, forever more."
By Anonymous
Well crud.
He shouldn't be hard, but I started a fist only run and accidentally triggered his invasion about an hour in so I only have +2 spiked caestus and about 5 levels.
This should be fun.
By Anonymous
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