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By Anonymous
My man thops developing a counter to not only all sorceries, but also all incanations. Rennala got silenced, rykard got nullified, astel got canceled... you think a barrier wouldn't work?
By Anonymous
Litterally blocks attacks from a GOD. Yeah wish thops didn't kill himself...
By Anonymous
Does anyone know which of the Elden Beast's attacks this works against? I heard it works for the elden stars move, but what about the rain of homing missiles or the four golden sword waves?
By Anonymous
It works for all projectiles (elden stars, rain of missiles) except the nova and golden wave slicers attacks.
By Anonymous
they killed my boi just to keep their magic deflection a secret :(
By Anonymous
He wasn't murdered, he likely died due to the fact that he looked into basically the primeval current of magic, this has had very large effects on even the greatest of sorcerers and thops was just a rookie, he barely even knew the most basic of spells but he looked into that current and died making something entirely new, this category of magic did not exist yet so he just casually created a new form of magic
By Anonymous
Sigma Grindset.

Death? Irrelevant.
By Anonymous
Not exactly a practical spell compared to your other options, but certainly not bad considering that it's actually really effective at what it does.
By Anonymous
i prefer using this to all other forms of spell deflection because i respect thops
By Anonymous
Eternal Darkness is slightly more useful in general, they are both eclipsed by Carian and Golden Retaliation.
By Anonymous
This is the spell, not the ash of war
By Anonymous
I always assumed the other sorcerers killed him to prevent his discovery from getting out. Lodged into shields, it would have revolutionized magic defense to where any soldier could master it. The Carian ash only does damage if you're already high int and isn't useful against incantations. The others don't stop spells. But Thops changed the game. Now literally anyone could shut down spellcasting.
By Anonymous
The secret is that is deflects both sorceries and incantations. Carians knew the truth about the Primordial Current (the fact that it in itself is an outer god), but the academy did not.
The sorceries and incantations were thought to be 2 different things, when in reality they were one and the same - the usage of power of an outer god.
What the barrier does as a spell is less important than the fact that the first sorcerers were cultists/monks/priests of the current of stars.
It being a god doesn't mean it is concious or has any devious plans as what is and isn't god isn't strictly defined in elden ring and it might be that they are certain laws of universe that define what is and is not real (there's more to my theory but I'll stop at that)
By Anonymous
thops was a hero i just couldn't see it
By Anonymous
If this was just carian retaliation without the swords but was able to parry regular attacks I would use sword and staff constantly and never turn back.
By Anonymous
Who added that bit about 1.07? It's not in the patch notes and it's not true in game.
By Anonymous
I think it’s bugged but if you hold the button to spam it it will deplete fp to zero but allow you to keep casting until you release the button. Can’t be cast at zero and the continuation costs 7 still, but will continue to cast at zero
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