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By Anonymous
I remember killing that Snail months ago and this never dropped.
By Anonymous
LOL, you can proc this by attacking the mounted ballistas.
By Anonymous
What about Ghizas Wheel?
By Anonymous
me and my curved swords love this tallisman
By Anonymous
serpent bone blade, this, winged sword insignia, kindreds of rot exultation. Everything will proc after one heavy (minus kindreds). Same goes for the ash of war. After a little into the fight you’re looking at a 40% damage buff along with health regen per hit. You could literally stack poise and just keep swinging and nothing could stop you
By Anonymous
This Talisman is godly with Dual Daggers
By Anonymous
never noticed it’s usefulness with my consecutive hits rob build.. with 45 vigor
By Anonymous
Can this stack with Taker's Flames from the Blasphemous Blade?
By Anonymous
Works really well depending on what kind of weapon you're using. Unfortunately it barely compensates for slower weapons, but works really well for multi-hit attacks and dual wielding. Jump attacks with dual twinblades heals you 5% every time if all the hits connect. On average it heals every 5-6 hits.
By Anonymous
not useless, but a bit of a pain to make a good build for. works well with the ghiza wheel's unique heavy attacks
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