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By Anonymous
Roll to side or behind and catch flame satisfying
By Anonymous
Elden Ring is a great game but it has a lot of very awful enemies which bring down its overall quality.
By Anonymous
Actually one of the worst enemies Fromsoft has ever put out. What were they thinking when designing the move set of these things.
By SolderingIron
The best strategy I have for dealing with these guys is to always dodge around them. Never dodge backwards because you'll get caught in their combos. Also try and stay behind them as they don't seem to have a rear move and will instead try and turn around to face you.
By Anonymous
The thing from the Addams family
By Anonymous
Kid- wait
Spider named Finger:
By Ironorder
I nearly died laughing (literally) when it raised up and gave me the finger! :)
By Anonymous
Even though these guys aren't all that strong, I never want to see them again.
By Anonymous
These guys are quite the handful
By Anonymous
Thanks, I hate it.
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