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By Anonymous
from saw the reaction to the hand ogres and went "hold our collective beer"
By Anonymous
this is one of the most anoying monsters in the entire hand, **** this hands
By Anonymous
Why I have arachnophobia and im scared to Look it up
By KaenRuskhan
Piece of advice: They do NOT like fire. I hit them with a weapon enchanted with Bloodflame Blade once and it set them on fire, hitting them with a DoT. They also started writhing on the ground for a few seconds.

The same happened with regular Fire Grease. Same applies to the little ones.
By Anonymous
They put Wallmasters in the game lol
By Anonymous
I can't handle these things. What is it with Miyazaki and hand-based body horror? And he's mixing it with SPIDERS this time around, too?
By KaenRuskhan
Use fire. They do not like it. At all. One hit sets them on fire, they burn for a few second and they writhe on the ground as they try to put out the flames, leaving them vulnerable for a few seconds.
By Anonymous
Man, **** these guys
By Anonymous
♫ ♪ Spider-Hand, Spider-Hand ♫ ♪
♪ ♫ Does whatever a spider can ♪ ♫
By Anonymous
I think the name of the creature is actually Fingercreeper as the Ringed Finger weapon mentions them saying that it is thought to be cut from an ancestor of the fingercreepers
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