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By Heuschrecke
While murdering Albinaurics en masse I discovered (as of 1.06) that this axe's weapon skill is silent as far as enemies are concerned: you can use Thunderstorm to murder an enemy without alerting other guards a meter or two away as long as you're not in those other guards' line-of-sight. This silence is useful for stealthily clearing areas, esp. that certain group of Alibinaurics.
By Anonymous
is it even possible to get out of its ash of war? I really don't understand the timing
By Anonymous
Ledo hammer swap v2
By Anonymous
As far as I can tell, the skill does NOT exclusively deal lightning damage but a mix of lightning and physical damage, with the latter being the majority of the damage output. The skill deals much less lightning damage than one would expect.

I tested it by first using the skill normally, dealing 2101 total damage with my current setup. With the Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear (which buffs lightning damage by +20%), the skill deals 2148 total damage -- a 2.2% increase. Much less than the +20% buff to lightning damage the tear is supposed to yield. Do the math and that means the skill deals 89% physical damage and just 11% lightning damage.

My setup is a two-handed Stormhawk Axe +10 at 43 strength/43 dexterity and Shard of Alexander. Tested against the Troll just outside of Godrick's arena.
By Anonymous
The lightning damage weapon buff that gets applied after using the Ash of War does not get buffed by Shard of Alexander. Shard of Alexander only buffs the damage of the thunderstorm itself, Roar Medallion buffs neither the thunderstorm nor the buff -- just tried it to be sure. Obviously it isn't a roar attack.
By Anonymous
From Software: “No you cannot have another broadsword.”

Also From Software: “Here’s four Stormhawk Axes.”
By Anonymous
Dragonslayer Greataxe's little bro.
By Anonymous
And better as well lmao
By Anonymous
undisputed elevator champ 2022
By Anonymous
Biggest issue with this weapon is that is rewards a passive playstyle, you know, the best one that there is to begin with. When you see somebody with this, you can tell 100% that they are a 1-trick pony that will only use the Ash of War as axes are absolutely dogwater in this game aside from this one, and again only for it's Ash which is shutdown completely by ranged options. What I don't understand is how Stormcaller, the generic version of this Ash of War, can't true combo/rollcatch into itself while doing substantially less damage as well. I feel a parity change is in order for this weapon, to either remove the stunlock or give the standard Ash of War the same stunlock capabilities. My personal wish is would be that they buff the axe, hammer, and flail moveset, but nerf this thing's Ash of War to same level as Stormcaller to make up for the buffs.
By Anonymous
lingering hitboxes: the weapon
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