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By Anonymous
Axes weren’t there, NPC was instead. It was lady hero that wields them. I killed her and she drops them. Probably find them there later if you finish her quest
By Anonymous
There is no bridge leading up from the swamp to the Village. There is a ramp on the side of the mountain leading up, but no bridge. I can't see a single way to get to the point on the interactive map that these weapons are supposed to be at from the Village.
By Anonymous
On the way up to the village, you pass UNDER the bridge crossing over to the boss in the village. She's appears right there under that bridge, on the path next to a small lantern.
By Anonymous
very inaccurate location. Completely inaccurate. No idea where this is
By Anonymous
The axe wasn’t there. But the barbarian NPC who uses the axes was. I rested and she was gone hoping the axes were left behind but they weren’t.
By Anonymous
Its also found in the capital
By Anonymous
i cant find it there :/
By Anonymous
I have it but didn't kill her. Unfortunately I dont remember where I got it.
By Anonymous
There's one just past the roundtable hold at the capital city in the courtyard where the two wheel machine things are
By Eibon_the_Martyr
One of the best one-handed axes in the game for melee builds. Once you get the proper stat investment and upgrades this thing will hit hard.
By Anonymous
"Can only be obtained by slaying Nepheli Loux." is blatantly untrue.
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