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By Anonymous
On PC, I am not able to loot the chest because there is nothing to loot. (Have not picked up the sword before, reloaded the area, no change, but the chest is able to be opened again.) Anyone else having this issue as well?
By Leetlazzy

Just East on the road from Rotview Balcony Grace. 2 large dogs are guarding a carriage, kill them then loot the back of the carriage.
By Anonymous
Not there for me. Idk if my game is bugged. The chest is empty.
By Anonymous
You could also go the other way which involves taking the trapped chest in the middle of Agheel lake to the mines in Caelid. I was able to follow video guy from that direction which allowed me to get the greatsword without having to fight anything
By Anonymous
I was able to come from the other side with the Burning Village and sneak up and didn���t have to kill anything
By Yelex
By Anonymous
This weapon + Lion's Claw Ashes of War = Guts
By Anonymous
Thanks i didn't know how the heavy infusion was called
By Anonymous
Put on your grasses
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
first - J
By Anonymous
big sword do big damage hehe
By Anonymous
> Called "Greatsword"
> is classified as a "colossal sword"
By Anonymous
In DS its a Ultra-Greatsword, glad they changed the name. Kinda confusing when talking about Greatswords vs Ultra-Greatswords
By Anonymous
Put thy grasses on, foul Tarnished.
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