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By Anonymous
You can buy this from Selivus after giving Nephali his potion
By Anonymous
Tested Greatblade Phalanx 678 damage, Carian Phalanx 774 against the assassin dude right before before Royal knight Loretta at 67 int with Lusat's staff +5.
Considering Carian is only 26 PF and Greatblade Is 43 FP, definitely Swap for Carian Phalanx if you are wondering which one Is better.
By Master of Octopi
They really need to tweak spell damage. It's really putting me off that Glintstone Pebble is so much more efficient than everything else, and isn't even all that far behind heavier, more costly spells in damage-per-cast.
By Anonymous
I think there's a posture component. I think I've seen phalanx break enemies.
By Anonymous
Do Seluvis' quest after the manor. He sells it.
By Anonymous
Carian Phalanx can be bought by Preceptor Seluvis for 12000 runes and the only way to grab the spell is if you accepted Renna's quest and completed his quest to give Nepheli drink a potion (giving to her or not), he's located in three sisters in Seluvis's Rise.
By Anonymous
if he's dead you get a bell-bearing for the Fingers in the hub; they will sell all of his spells.
By Anonymous
You don't need to give the potion to Nephili. You can give the potion to Ofnir (no one knows what he does with it) or to the Dung Eater to make him a puppet (and you know that he deserves it... muhaha!).
By Anonymous
For whatever reason, you don't need to return to him. If you grab his bell bearing and turn it into the Roundtable vendor, you'll be able to buy the spells
By Anonymous
How do you get his bell??
By Anonymous
kill em
By Play Easy
Vergil do Devil May Cry curtiu esse feitiço, vai ser ótimo pra fazer ele na criação de personagem
By Anonymous
Jajajajajaja si hermano!
By Anonymous
If only it didn't shatter when walking through boss doors. Come on From.
By Anonymous
Dogshit damage and dogshit stance damage. Amazing against enemies with low poise that get staggered easy although since it gives you a free hit cause they flinched from the spell, but if you are encountering an enemy with high poise like 90% of all bosses. Using this is useless.
By Anonymous
spells like this are useful for the first example you described. not every tool available to the player has to be hyper effective for every situation. a spell like this isn't great for staggering bosses, but it can be good as a easy way to deal damage during a combo you can't retaliate against normally. and even still the main use of spells like this is against aller enemies and even players who'd otherwise benefit from being super aggressive, instead keeping them on the defensive. use the right spell for the right situation.
By Anonymous
People say these suck but they've saved my *** from so many ambushes in dungeons. Sure the damage isn't great, but they will auto target and attack hidden enemies around corners and on ceilings. A total lifesaver.
By Anonymous
I also think the decision to have it do greater stance damage despite lesser base damage than in previous games is a good one.