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By Anonymous
From the moment I could equip it, this weapon was my go to for basically the rest of the game (minus a few bosses that really need to be hit with strike). It may not be the flashiest weapon out there, but it is incredibly versatile. You can buff it with spells and/or grease, its guard counter comes out decently quick and has good range, it's a spear so you can poke from behind a shield if you need to turtle up, and it has a super potent heavy moveset, especially when charged. I tried lots of other weapons in an attempt to find something better, but I always came back to this.
By Anonymous
It can also be ashed which makes it unique among great spears. I never leave the round table without a bloodhound weapon
By Anonymous
This at +24 + golden vow and a buff inc. at 60 str/dex/fth/ar with the dragon seal = total damage is a satisfyingly common number, 1080
By Anonymous
Cool. To optimise you could level according to the soft caps; soft cap for Dex and Str is 55 and Int is 50. 80 soft cap for incantations for buffing. Not much benefit with Str.
By Anonymous
*Fai, not Int
By Anonymous
I think one of Millicent's sister is using this weapon with different weapon art.
By Anonymous
while you are allowed to grease and buff this weapon it would seem that also overwrites its ash buff and damage type so you cannot have holy+enchant
By Anonymous
Nice weapon, but I really miss some sweeping attacks for versatility. Crouch R1 isn't too bad, but not alwas practical to get off in time
By Anonymous
Heavy attacks on this baby are super fun to use. Second hit catches invaders off most of the time.
By Anonymous
Such a pity that it is bind with one of the worst ash of war in the game...The weapon has nice range and very sick charged R2s. It also looks pretty fashionable.
By Anonymous
I mean it can be spell buffed so I don���t really care about the ash of war. I use this in all my faith builds
By Anonymous
Killing skeletons without having to kill twice makes it amazing for how easy it is to get combined with its scaling and it can be buffed makes it amazing at all levels
By Anonymous
Faced this weapon for the First time in PvP today, and a couple of times at that. So far im not big Fan of it. Its already a ****ing long Spear, and the Phantom Range is even bigger. I was killed quite a few times while being like Half the Spear in length Away from the Spearhead. At first i thought it was just an Issue between me and the Opponent, but a few Invasions later and the Same **** happens again. And then 2 more times. Doesnt seem OP but since Spears are kinda Meta rn anyway i really dont want to deal with This Absurd Range
By Anonymous
This has always been a thing in Soulsborne games. Just going to have to get used to it.
By Anonymous
I really wanted to use Thunderbolt on this weapon! They need to do away with locking normal weapons with terrible ashes of war and allow us to pick our own. The restriction feels awful and arbitrary. Only remembrance and weapons with unique ashes of war should be locked.
By Anonymous
This weapon is my favorite. Yeah the ash of war is lame, but i try to look it in a good way like at least now i dont have to use carian filigreed crest + shard of alexander and a shield with no skill, so that frees up some nice slots. Other than that, my only downside with this weapon is no croutch poke. Even then, the croutch slash is really good for non single target damage. 10/10 weapon for me imo
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