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By Anonymous
Weapon can be buffed. U can use grease on it.
By Anonymous
it has its own buff, if you two hand it and use Special
By Anonymous
The flat holy damage on this weapon is actually pretty good, and the fact that is has a D scaling in Str, Dex and Fai means you can use it without much investment, so long as you're planning to go for a mix of at least two of those attributes. The weapon animations are slow as heck and the only sweep is crouch/roll attack, but this weapon does really good (and safe) damage when using a shield alongside, since it increases the attack frames.
By Anonymous
Solid weapon. I've finally dedicated the stats to it and I can say it packs a punch. At plus 11 it's two-shotting most enemies.
By Anonymous
What is its scaling like at +11?
By Anonymous
Longest reach sadly a useless unchangeable weapon art. Guess Lance will be the better option.
By Anonymous
Weapon art is pretty handy against any of the undead mobs, they don't revive when struck with the weapon.
By Anonymous
"Useless" is a strong word. While using holy grease results in higher attack power, it doesn't provide the bonus against Those Who Live in Death. That's a niche use, but a use all the same.
By Anonymous
Useless weapon art?? Watch your tongue boy, you need not fret, you can buff it yourself if you wish, if it's divine power isn't appealing to you mortals.
By Anonymous
I’ve been really liking this weapon. On horseback it seems to swing fast and has good range too.
By Anonymous
best weapon against undead enemies, they can't resurrection after being killed by Sacred order
By Anonymous
It has a buff as his ashes of war but the weapon can be buffed anyway. Whats the point of the ashes of war then?
By Anonymous
Sacred Order is an AOE buff that only adds 25 damage to everyone but makes everyone's weapons count as sacred, meaning you delete skeletons and they don't reform after death. A normal blade buff adds 200ish damage and only works for your weapon.
By Anonymous
Using this + Sacred Blade spell SLAPS. I am crushing most enemies in a few hits. The enchant is cheap and adds to the holy damage it already has. The spell is cheap so there's no reason to not always have it activated. At +13 with sacred blade it does like 530 damage according to my status.
By Anonymous
U cant use sacred blade on this?
By Anonymous
You can. This weapon can be buffed and greased. I was even testing the WA vs the actual Holy Blade spell on it earlier and found the WA buff is about half as strong.
By Anonymous
God why is the WA locked on this, the moveset is so great but the WA and Holy Damage can **** off.
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