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By Anonymous
This was almost a great weapon imo. I don’t understand why you cannot power stance with other daggers.

Daggers are pretty much tied with bows as being nearly unusable because of the effort that’s needed. Make or buy 99 arrows and most enemies that they would be useful on simply dodge 80% of them unless you catch them in a long combo. Same with dagger. You basically have to build pure tank and try to fight through damage to make them useful. Otherwise curved swords are simply better.

At least if you could power stance with daggers and katanas then you could swap for quick status build up (like frost for debuff) and go back to katanas for bleed and damage.

Just a 1/2 baked idea
By Anonymous
I think it belongs to the katana family of weapons. Historically the Samurai of certain periods will carry one alongside a uchikatana. Also I think “katanas” =swords are all sizes including the wakizashi.
By Anonymous
This gets a considerable motion value buff when powerstanced, letting it do far more damage than its AR suggests. Even with ~100 less AR than my other katana, it will hit harder than some of them in the offhand.
By Anonymous
Am I the only one, who wants to powerstance this with an uchi and spam jumping attacks, just to recreate Onikiri and Ubadachi from DS3?
By Anonymous
Personally, I dont find the fun in using Katanas, but this however I consider this the best Katana in the game.
By Anonymous
Does this have the longest range among daggers? I'd love to make a dual weird build but daggers range is so poor. The only one I can think that might have better range is Misericorde but I was hoping someone would know
By chillypheese
Misericorde has the most range but even then it's still poor. Even then you can't powerstance this with any other dagger and you'll get a different (and arguably worse) moveset if you use two of these,
By chillypheese
Pretty sure Misericorde and Erdsteel both out range this.
By Anonymous
my most favorite pvp setup is this dual wielded with the nagakiba
By Anonymous
I'm not interested in dual daggers and don't care about riposte damage, so this is the best dagger for me.
By Anonymous
infuse with poison or frost. dual wield. profit.
By Anonymous
U should be able to put seppuku on this
By Anonymous
only true chads powerstance 2 Wakizashis
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