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By Anonymous
When you equip two katanas the sheats overlap each other on the same side of the waist but when you equip a katana and the Wakizashi, the latter's sheath is placed on the other side of the waist.

I truly wished for a long+short sheath fashion and was disappointed to find out it wasn't possible.
By Anonymous
mad dog of limgrave
By Anonymous
Classified as dagger but you can’t powerstance it with other daggers, afaik :(
By Anonymous
Worth noting that this thing's B scaling (for Heavy or Keen) is noticeably better than the Misericorde's so that e.g. a two-handed Heavy Waki +25 with 60 strength gets you 453 AR while a two-handed Heavy Misericorde +25 with 60 Strength gets you 411. The Cinquedea gets you 480 but also looks dumb cuz the handle is made for one-handing >:( Anyway this is very much one of the best daggers for just dealing damage, plus it has bleed and the 4th best reach (albeit behind both the Cinque and the Miseri).
By Anonymous
mfw the weapon used for seppuku can't have seppuku
By Anonymous
Lol yeah
By Anonymous
this + uchigatana = onikiri and ubadachi
By Anonymous
I'm trying this build: Dual wield cold uchigatanas, fire wakizashi 2nd slot. Apply frost, apply bleed. Change wep, reset cold. Rinse and repeat
By Anonymous
This and uchigatana carried me throughout my RL1 run, katana powerstance is amazing
By Anonymous
Fashion choice! Not a really bad weapon if U use it for fashion dual-wielding though, decent damage, just shorter reach than full-size katanas. Just remind that U can't use a lot of powerful AOW on daggers, so no dual seppuku.
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