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By Anonymous
Steelovsky's favorite.
By Anonymous
Requires 50 strength and 16 Int
B scaling in strength and E in Int
By Anonymous
Cheesed crucible knight by jumping on and off the wooden podium.
By Anonymous
Hoarfrost stomp helped me cheese him quite a bit
By Anonymous
anyone know if this is better than the guts greatsword?
By Anonymous
Probably, seeing as right now this is the only Colossal sword with a confirmed S STR scaling
By Anonymous
Scales with Str and Int not dex
By Anonymous
Just got this. I don't have the int to use it properly but on a charged L2 (1H and 2H) it creates a shock wave with rocks and lightning from the ground after striking. That's just a passive effect that uses no FP. Very cool.
By Anonymous
Not a passive, uses fp. You not having the stats just means you aren't pulling it off, just getting the visual.
By Anonymous
From Crucible Knight + Begotten Warrior
By Anonymous
Anyone know if it's better than the guts sword?
By Anonymous
Definitely. The scaling is higher and the requirements are much much higher
By Anonymous
seems better at +10
By Anonymous
Yes and no, Greatsword is flexible since you can change the weapon art and scaling to fit your build as well as having much greater reach. On paper this is better but frankly the high stat requirement makes me hard pass for the time being.
By Anonymous
Not sure since you can infuse the guts sword and it seems to swing faster and has longer reach while allowing you to change weapon ashes.
By Anonymous
Not sure since you can infuse the guts sword and it seems to swing faster and has longer reach while allowing you to change weapon ashes.
By grubgrub
I continued the story with the Ranni witch quest and this fight disappeared and went straight to Raddan :(
Is there another way to get the sword?
By grubgrub
Im in the same boat!

I really wanted to sword, hope there is another way to get it
By grubgrub
Ok i read on on another reddit thread:

"After defeating Radahn, revisit the room in the back and talk to the crier dude, and he���ll say he���s finished with his task and that he���s going to leave. Warping back to the grace will have the boss fog wall there now."

I can confirm that this works, i did it now and just parried the crucible knight and killed him
By Anonymous
just go back into the building you have to enter to get to the elevator that take you to Radahn, and the announcer will sit there.
after exhausting his dialogue, re renter the zone and the fight begins.
By Anonymous
You can get it again after completing Ranni���s questline, samething happened to me!
By Anonymous
Go back and talk to the old man who looks like Gael. After that fast travel to the grace just outside the castle and then the castle will reset to it's original form before the questline. All of the doors you couldn't interact with will be open now and there will be a fog wall at the festival entrance which will trigger the boss fight
By Anonymous
If these things still don't trigger the festival events to stop, try to change the time into the afternoon. I think that's what did it for me but maybe it was just the reload.

I first came into Redmane, tried for some hours to kill the two but left and came back later after weapon upgrades and leveling and found the festival. Proceeded to defeat Radahn and the area was still festival, went back to the grace and changed to afternoon and the wall was there again for the bosses.

I suspect it's due to the time of day mechanic because some of the Blaidd dialogue just says it's time to wait (while the festival was in preparation and it was in the morning). When you star the festival, it transitions into the evening and you get to fight Radahn.

I didn't fully test but worth a shot.
By Anonymous
I killed him but died just as he did and it gave me the grace after but no sword
By Anonymous
Such a badass weapon, shame I don’t yet have the stats. Its fully charged attacks create gravity spikes
By Anonymous
Atleast its not 60 like the 60 int staff
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