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By Anonymous
How to reach that evergaol though im losing my mind. Also it looks like there are ruins and stuff but i cant reach
By Anonymous
Secret boss underground leads you up there. It's secluded and that's the only way up
By decomposing_
You'll need to complete Renna's questline before you can reach this area.
By Anonymous
You go there with an underground elevator after following a certain Witch questline
By Anonymous
You need to complete the quest of Ranni the Witch, it will take you there
By Anonymous
You will get here after following the questline for Ranni. You get up there after being in the underground sections a good bit and fighting a few bosses(including a secret one).
By Anonymous
Long chain of quests open this area. It requires to kill 1 story boss and others along the way
I'd say its best to do it over lvl 60 ar least
By Anonymous
later on in the game u will be able to get up there
By Anonymous
You get to that area through the Ranni Questline
By Anonymous
Alecto, the Ninth?!
By Anonymous
This guy is very susceptible to frostbite, and has almost no poise. This means that you can get it long chains of light attacks as long as it keeps staggering him.
By Anonymous
This guy is also very susceptible to jumping attacks with powerstanced weapons, I used dual halberds, but anything with high AR will do the trick. It takes a bit of training, but you can cheese this dude by spamming jumping attacks.
By Anonymous
This guy is on crack.... one or two shots me, attacks incredibly quick with not many openings.. I hope I'm just here too early and not that I suck lmaoo (currently level 77, using Nagakiba)
By Anonymous
Use block + R2. Killed him at level 80 with a caster build, didn't cast once in this fight though because he spam dodges. Also if you are getting one shot by anything but the AOE attack you probably don't have enough vigor for your level.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Absolutely insane. Leaves very little room for mistakes and Crimson Tear chugging. His AoE is probably even crazier and it's impossible to dodge it if you're close to him. Hit and run
By Sunswords
I managed to get him down using a slow weapon - 2H golden halberd. You don't necessarily need a fast weapon if it's not your style.

Some advice to share from my experience: Alecto has only 2 very deadly moves -

1) he charges his blade with a red glow and leaps into the air. When he lands he does an AOE knife slash with DOT. If you are a tank, you might live through this but need to heal immediately before dying. The solution is to RUN away from him and wait for the AOE animation to completely end. If you are lucky, you can sneak in 1 dash hit after.

2) he lunges forward without his dagger at ready, amd does a grab move. Also probably fatal. This move is quite rare and if you keep medium distance, you will see it coming.

This enemy needs patience, and be very conservative with your hits.

Keep a good distance amd wait for him to do the "normal" leap. If you are fast enough, roll away when he does his normal forward lunge and stagger him with 1 hit before retreating.

Greed is heavily punished here
By Anonymous
The only hard part is avoiding his black-flame AoE furry attack that one-shots you
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