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By Anonymous
looks pretty goofy on claws, like you're holding two turds
By Anonymous
Fecal paws
By Anonymous
Ash of War: Crapblade
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Use this with a weapon with split damage for maximum damage output. If your a strength build use a fire enchantment, dex use lightning and so forth. Since normally you cant buff weapons with split damage this gives you a buff on said weapon.
By Anonymous
But then your not maximizing the physical bonus it gives
By Anonymous
Does it stack with the concoction which boost stance damage?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
is this really any good? i've been trying to use it but it has 0 poise while casting it and it's so slow_ to top it all off you don't get the actual buff until you pull the weapon out of the ground and if you get interrupted before that you get no buff and just wasted 16 fp... even if you manage to get the buff up it only lasts 30 seconds
By Anonymous
atleast seppuku gets 60 seconds for such a slow cast...
By Anonymous
For taking quite long to buff, 30 seconds seems really short for really minor buffs...
By Anonymous
exceptional on fast hitting weapons
By Anonymous
put it on the nagakiba for walmart dragon tooth
By Anonymous
Sucks for pvp
By Anonymous
pretty good on the great epee with the thrust talisman. great damage, great stagger
By Anonymous
I’m trying to make a decent build with this AoW because I think it’s really cool. So far I’m thinking of using the Executioner’s Greataxe because it has good AR and 115 crit.
By Anonymous
If you use the brick hammer you get 50% more brick
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