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By Prtssguy
gives me 16 more damage on my weapon for about 30 seconds. it probably scales with strength though, not sure what else it does.
By Anonymous
is it just a buff like warcry? or does it do any special moves
By Anonymous
Thank you came looking for this, anyone else knows what this does?
By Anonymous
Says it increases poise damage
By Anonymous
ok, it increases your weapon dmg based of your strengh and staggers enemyes more easyly
By Anonymous
This increase the strength scaling on your weapon. However, it acts as a weapon buff , so it will overwrite anything else that you current have on it. For example, if you use scholar's armament and then cragblade, only cragblade will be applied.
By Anonymous
can you use grease with it?
By Anonymous
Cragblade can be found West of the Impassable Bridge Site of Grace (this page doesnt mention its a site of grace). The Maplink doesnt actually show either the site or the bug carrying the weaponart.
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By zeeningg
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this needs to be added to the interactive map.
By Anonymous
STR Scaling increase is quite decent! Sixty-Nine STR +19 Heavy Greatsword went from 752 to 827 when 2 handed! Interested to see how the poise damage and stagger buildup increase. It's speed being faster than the warcry class if I'm not mistaken could lend to it having a niche in both pve and pvp. Excited to see where this goes.
By Anonymous
I feel if this will be viable it will be because of the stagger, lmk how the stagger feels I’m aiming to run this with power stance collosal weapons late game to perma stun bosses
By Anonymous
why is the affinity thing part of this, you can put keen on a "heavy" affinity ash of war
By BindMind
It's the affinity the AoW gives by default. If you didn't have the Iron Whetblade you wouldn't be able to put Keen on it.
By Anonymous
And, some Ashes of War do worse if not on their native affinity.
By Anonymous
Wait what is that weapon in the picture? It isn't Radahn's Sword but it seems to be a similar large curved greatsword. Anyone know if that's an actual weapon?
By Anonymous
I don't know why this got down voted for asking a legitimate question, but to answer said question it's the curved greatsword model used as clutter in various places in the game like Caelid swamp. Unfortunately as far as I've seen it's not obtainable, which is weird since all the other clutter weapons are actual weapons.
By Anonymous
Location should be more to the left of where it is marked right now; The scarab is on the cliff right beside the big sword memorial site
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