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By Anonymous
what's wonderful about this is that it has slightly longer damage frames than a midroll, so people will almost always get hit by it. literally a ****ing nuke in my hands.
By Anonymous
this needs a slightly slower windup, the damage it pumps out is unreal
By Anonymous
It takes up 2 spell slots and eats up your fp pretty quickly if you use it frequently, I think it's fine as it is, not to mention it's not difficult to dodge in PvP.
By Anonymous
Bleed is unreal, this is ok since you actually need a build for it.
By Anonymous
This is less like a fireball and more like a flaming incendiary cannon in the palm of your hand.
By Anonymous
The Chaos Bed Vestiges of Elden Ring.
By Anonymous
I don't know if it's just me but I used this spell against Radagon and Elden beast and he will for some reason never parry it, the only times he does is when he's parrying some other spell, I tried this with the similar haima cannon but he can parry that one, personally for that reason alone I love this spell
By Anonymous
With 70 Faith, Fire Scorpion Charm, Shard of Alexander, Flame Shrouding Tear, Golden Vow and Flame Grant Me Strength with +25 Godslayers Seal with +25 Giants Seal offhand a fully charged cast of this does 2.2k dmg to the Elphael Cleanrot Knights, seems impressive until you realise with the same setup casting Takers Flame on a +10 Blasphemous Blade does over 4k dmg to the same enemies at nearly twice the range and half the cast time, why are incants so underpowered compared to weapon arts in this game?
By Anonymous
Shard of Alexander buffs the skill and doesn't buff the incantations for one. You should have Flock's Canvas for the incantation instead.
Second, Godslayer's isn't the best seal for this, Erdtree would be better.

Also, Taker's Flame is known as one of the most powerful skills in the game, and this is not known as one of the best Incantations as far as I know, so not exactly a fair comparison.

I agree that Skills are generally more powerful, but you're making it seem more unbalanced than it is.
By Anonymous
Actually at 70 Faith Godslayer's and Erdtree Seal have near identical incant scaling, it's 310 vs 313 with both seals max upgrade, but you're right that comparing a skill and an incant with talismans that only buff one or the other isn't really a fair comparison, I think to get the most damage possible from incants you need to run a Faith/Arc hybrid build with Dragon Communion Seal
By Anonymous
Shard of Alex doesnt do anything for this spell, the 2 canvas talismans; fire scorp and godfreys charm are the best overall charm combo for fire incants. 2 fire giant seals for optimal damage and boom, nothing in the game without RKR outdamages this in 1 button press. Takers flame is nothing in comparison, i use both on ng+6 so i know
By Anonymous
Absolutely love how this thing just tosses almost any non-giant enemy around like a ragdoll, such a fun spell, not to mention it deals hefty-ass damage and has fairly good AOE too, eats up fp pretty quickly though so unless you have a ton of points in mind or/and alot of fp flasks, its not exactly something you can just spam on every enemy you come by, flame of the fell god doesn't seem that impressive compared to this sadly.
By Anonymous
I'd imagine this spell is just a more powerful Flame Sling, so i gotta ask: compared to Flame Sling, does this spell actually have any downsides, other than a much higher FP cost and requiring two memory slots?
By Anonymous
It's about 4x the damage, does astonishing knockback, but has a bit shorter of a projectile arc.
By Anonymous
Why is this used so much? I honestly think it's way easier to dodge compared to the one that shoots multiple fireballs. That one scares me more.
By Anonymous
Cause it goes BOOM!
By Anonymous
AoE knockback
By Quarter
Use this to bully Malenia.
By Anonymous
Thanks for the tip.
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