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By Anonymous
guard damahe negation at +9 physical: 49 magic: 33 fire:33 lightning:33 holy:33 guard boost:35
By Anonymous
Definitely the coolest weapon in the game I've seen so far.
By Anonymous
It is, but I do wish we could hold it like Malenia though, having the handle interlock with the prosthetic.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Where is it found
By Anonymous
where is it found
By Anonymous
best weapon in pvp you literally just press L2 and win
By Anonymous
Does the weapon art have hyper armor? Otherwise isn;t it easy to be knocked down during the long windup?
By Anonymous
does the weapon art have hyper armor? seems like a very long wind up time that anyone can smack down
By Anonymous
Slow start up,good players will parry it all day
By Anonymous
Anybody know the location?
By Anonymous
This weapon is really cool
By Anonymous
This has to be one of the coolest damn weapons in any souls game, that weapon skill is clean af. For anyone that's going pure Dex, stay strong, it'll all be worth it!
By Anonymous
When I was fighting her I was really hoping I would be able to do that omnislash thing she kept killing me with when I got the katana. I couldn't believe that was exactly what it does lol.
By Anonymous
Where do you get this?
By Anonymous
How can you get this katana?
By Anonymous
I think that is a secret boss that you have to finish. Use YouTube
By Anonymous
Obtained by killing Malenia, Blade of Miquella.
By Anonymous
You dont
By Anonymous
where is the location for this weapon?
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