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By Anonymous
For some reason I fought her once, and then she never appeared anymore as an invader. ¿It is because I found her later at that church and gave her the needle?
By Anonymous
I wonder why the sisters turned against Millicent.
By Anonymous
Based on what she says, I believe that their sister were other Gowry proyects and that they lost their minds to the rot. That is why she prefers to die without "flourishing into something that is not her"
By Anonymous
Fighting her sisters is one of the worst things I've ever seen in the history of gaming. Giving the A.I i-frames AND dodging based inputs is the dumbest thing I've ever seen as well. What is the strategy here? Go back to a site of grace and equip a spinning move or some AOE spell? There is no strategy here other than being overpowered and min-maxing; skill is completely irrelevant. The fight is unfair and broken. At least give the A.I stamina and FP restrictions and health equivalent to the player instead of 6000hp.
By Anonymous
Lmfao calm thyself my dude. It's not that hard.
By Anonymous
I only took out 1 sister, half healthed the 2nd. Milicent ended it with a double kill double kill
By Anonymous
Almost every fight is more or less easy with the right strategy and a bit of training.
I struggled with this fight as well, until I realised to just think a bit. Then I used Shabriri's Woe to just pull the enemies' attraction on me, jumped on the piller above them and attacked the sisters with spells / arrows from above, while Millicent did the melee fighting.
-> Easy.
By Anonymous
You equip Shabriri's woe and focus on distracting them and surviving, Millicent will kill them all.
By Anonymous
"Giving the A.I i-frames AND dodging based inputs" every single enemy in the game?
By Anonymous
Bruh millicent does most of the work for you wtf.
By BarbraJellybean
I also really struggled with this fight, because if I tried to leave it to Millicent she died almost instantly. I did what anon above said and equipped Shabriri's woe and jumped on the pillar in the swamp. Worked like a charm, none of the sisters could figure out how to get to me and Millicent could take them out one at a time easily. Super easy hands-off approach, thank you to anon from sep 18th and good luck to everyone doing the questline!
By Anonymous
Using shabriri's woe Is a **** strategy, "it's Easy to beat then, just don't fight pepega"
By Anonymous
Just use Adula's Moonblade and swing the width of your entire POV, while they're all stunlocked, Millicent kills them
By Anonymous
So ... she and her sisters are the children of Malenia? Gowry said he found them in the Swamp after the battle and talks about how much Millicent is like her mother.
By Anonymous
anyone know how to beat tree spirit w/o falling off the edge?
By Anonymous
Yeah, don't fall off the edge
By Anonymous
In principle, just run away from the explosion on make sure there is a wall behind you. It's harder than it sounds because there is a lot going on.

I fought him today for the first time. I was falling off a lot and it helped when I stopped bothering with Scarlet Rot. I let it build up and let it tick, just equip and buff with immunity/affinity damager reduction and heal when needed. Then the fight is just good old tree spirit and you can easily maneuver as need when he explodes. At least that's what helped me.

Good luck!
By Sora220101
Just cheese him on the tree branch using magic or any range weapon
By Anonymous
I just stocked up on preserving boluses so I could just stand and fight in the swamp. The swamp is not deep and doesn’t slow your movement.
By Anonymous
Use the godskin fireball in the highest part of this area, the tree spirit will reach you with only a few attacks and you will be safe to heal
By Anonymous
Use the godskin fireball in the highest part of this area, the tree spirit will reach you with only a few attacks and you will be safe to heal
By Anonymous
Your mileage may vary but with a strength build I decided to just fight it in the middle of the lake. I had to flask a lot to make up for the rot damage but the tree spirits give you plenty of opportunities to do that.
By Anonymous
yeah, dont fall off
By Anonymous
for me this is bugged as there are no summoning signs to aid her or kill her. (ive gone as far as to kill godfrey btw)
By Anonymous
The summon signs should be at the top of the elevated bit of land around the small pool of rot where you fight the tree worm. Specifically, on the right as you drop down from the root.
By Anonymous
the quest may got ****ed up because of ashen capital and killing maliketh cuz most quest stop working after maliketh
By Anonymous
after you get the rune of death i think you are locked out of npc questlines
By Anonymous
honestly i forgot abt millicent was in a 3v1 cuz i was tryna deal with the annoying spear one. but she solo’d good ****
By Anonymous
For the Sisters, you only need Black Flame Tornado and Rock Sling if you're feeling spicy.
By Anonymous
I thought it was optional but the rotten (in every sense of the word) ulcerated tree spirit at Elphael brace of the Haligtree must be killed if you are following Millicent's quest otherwise neither the gold sign to assist her, or the red sign to stab her in the back like a really dirty bastard forever destined to be maidenless, will appear. So good luck with that.

By Anonymous
She isn't around where her summon sign was. I have the rotten winged sword insignia but no Millicent anywhere. Anyone else have same thing happen? Any ideas?
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