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By Anonymous
antspur takes the cake for most toxic weapon at low level, but for high level this is the king of toxicity
By Anonymous
they should make this weigh 70 so you need max endurance to wield two of them
By Anonymous
Super unfun to fight if you're not leveling mind
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By Zally
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This weapon is op.
Great Lance stagger potential, can't roll madness (animation or build up) its got more range then 60% of the avaliable weapons and has a very strong and spamable weapon art. Even at the required stats to use the weapon it's unfair at pvp. For pve it isn't all all that great but will get the job done. I wouldn't recommend this weapon if you actually want to learn anything in pvp
By Anonymous
*gets owned in pvp by a specific weapon*


I understand complains about bhs and rob but my god
By Anonymous
yep this thing is pretty good in PVP. First off, spears and thrusting weapons are already really good in this game with running r1. But with Vykes, you get an un-dodgeable madness proc.

Theres a good reason why this spear is being used every where. I honestly have a harder time dealing with this weapon than RoB even pre-1.06 patch.

I guess best advice for anyone playing against Vykes is to be patient and not be too aggressive as you wait out the madness proc.
By Anonymous
Yep, great idea FromSoft to make status effect that builds up on missed hits and causes huge stun and damage so you cant even defend yourself. And lets put it on ash of war that covers half of the map and can be mindlessly spamed for hours. The choice of pathetic players.
By Anonymous
The All Coping back again I see
By Anonymous
Big yellow flame attack go psshhhhBOOM
By Anonymous
I want to be able to use Roundtable Knight Vykes unburnt warspear, and see his armor without the taint of the Three fingers… *sigh* i doubt this will happen though
By Dung_Maal
fairly certain that the unburnt spear is just a sword and vyke just attached a pole to it cuz it hot
By Anonymous
this looks like a burnt Partisan imo, hold the two side by side and you'll see what I mean
By Anonymous
Typical Vyke War Spear (or any thrusting weapon) mindset:
- Wait for attack
- Running R1
- Wait for attack
- Running R1

Missed the good old days when poise actually did something I could just smesh ppl with my trusty great club
By Anonymous
-hit r1 or r2
-opponent rolls
- they start mashing hardcore
-since the other weapon is faster you get out damaged and outsped
By Anonymous
This thing is cancer in pvp. Fingerprint shield and this are meta AF. Or two of these and the WA.
The worst part is how madness procs. Even if they miss it procs, when it lands it procs, madness tolerance is really small even with the talisman to help. I know it’s a cool weapon and all, but good lord is this straight cancer in pvp right now.
By Anonymous
Now, I'm not defending it or anything, but that is a lot of stat investment to wield those two weapons together, while also optimizing damage.
By Anonymous
Madness is OP because the meta level everyone PvPs at forces everyone to have 10 Mind. Of course a status effect is powerful against people with absolutely zero resist against it.
By Anonymous
<---------- full of madness
actually though this spear is incredibly fun to use in pve and invasions, the aow deals a ton of damage in a huge area and crazy madness build up to force space in pvp, and destroys regular mobs without needing to even think about what youre doing (also does it have iframes? i seem to be able to dodge a ton of stuff while jumping up, im not sure though since its kind of inconsistent). funny phantom hits still allow you to build madness in pvp even if you get dodged, and the actual madness proc stunning for like 3 seconds lets you get a free heavy that knocks your opponent on the floor. great spear moveset is great, the rolling and crouch slash is super hard to perfectly dodge as to not get phantom hit and madness build up, so if you think that someone is close to madness then you can use that, high poise damage since its a great spear and the running heavy are both great, you can stunlock most pve enemies with running heavy and reliably interrupt most enemies with regular attacks, maybe a jumping heavy if theyre particularly bulky.

10/10 weapon, my personal favourite.
By Anonymous
Found this early in a randomizer playthrough. So much fun!
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