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By Anonymous
for when your dual lances aren't strong braindead enough
By Anonymous
I like how the charged attack looks like a *****-slap.
By Anonymous
Weapon art spam chuddery in pvp, actually pretty fun in pve
By Anonymous
Mfs will be like “This is OP!” Then go use twin great spears, moonveil, bloodhound step, and rapiers in pvp
By Anonymous
The only problem with this weapon is how easy the Ash is to land in PvP
By Anonymous
I see it's not noted here, so im gonna say that this weapon has a unique heavy attack thats shared with the Serpent Hunter, thats 2 horizontal swipes instead of the typical stab
By Anonymous
Weapon Art is more situational than you would think.
It staggers most enemies on hit, even Malenia.
It is horribly slow, and you can still be hit during the entire animation, this combined with indiscriminate spam will kill you from madness proc.
Its charge is a glorious thing to behold as it repeatedly staggers enemies, and while its slow attack has a looong wind up, the poise damage it inflicts makes up for this, especially if you can set up a distraction.
Not an OP weapon by any means, it has its uses and doesn't work against everything.
By Anonymous
Oh wow they didn't nerf this garbage in the recent patch going to end up being required to use at this point especially since they nerf anything that can be a viable counter prepare to see even more of these
By Anonymous
broken weapon why no nerf?
By Anonymous
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