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By Anonymous
This **** needs nerfed for PvP ASAP, one of the most broken weapons in the game hands down. I don't even have to try when I use it lol. Madness procs and I just win.
By Anonymous
I should specify that the reason it's OP is not necessarily because of the Madness proc itself, but the fact that Madness goes through iframe AND block and CCs through iframe as well (e.g. you can iframe the damage proc similar to how you can iframe the bleed damage proc but not the CC). The fact this weapon has multi-hit and long range too makes it easy for the weapon to desync iframes and even if you don't get hit, you'll still have madness proc and be CCed even if you perfectly dodge every attack.
By Anonymous
Are you serious about it? Does frenzy instakills? or is just like bleed status?
By Anonymous
Best build for it?
By Anonymous
Lol stop downvoting this guy. This spear is madness indeed.
By Anonymous
Dex/int is still better as a build, more viable combat spells with faster casting and free win button as a weapon art, where the vyke's war spear requires the opponent to be an idiot to get hit by the weapon art. on top of that the high dmg'ing faith incantations have year long windup cast times and the poke incantations are telegraphed to the world. in other words faith spells might (keyword there) hit once but afterwards they're easy to roll, whereas spells are fast casting, always viable to control the other players movement, and high dmging in most situations. This is not including some of the weapon arts which work fast and can catch you out. try using vyke's spear after you hit lvl 90+ then try to say it needs a nerf, the amount of ppl ive seen using dex/int is unreal.
By Anonymous
I am serious about it, try dual wielding two of these and you'll never lose. The Madness doesn't insta kill but it does drain FP, CC and do damage so you could very easily cheese someone to death with it especially since it goes through iframe. For a build, I'd prob do a faith/dex build. Prioritize dex over faith probably.
By Anonymous
I eat my words. This weapon is fine when you wield one of them, but duel wield, dear god the duel wielding vyke's players probably play with blocks or something cause that is beyond broken the way it works. I hope Fromsoftware patches out dropping stuff to other players soon entirely cause that is just bs. Either that or prevent that weapon from having duel wield interactions.
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By YueOrigin
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That madness build up killed me so many time that it made me go respect Into a melee faith build instead of a a Melee int build

Madness most likely won't be as op as a player but still....
By Anonymous
The page says it's for strength users but it scales higher with Dex yes?
By Anonymous
Scales with Faith not Int
By Anonymous
"it is a good weapon for those users with high Strength builds" huh?????? STR is its worst stat...
By Anonymous
Whoever updates these pages seriously just copy pastes **** and moves on
By Anonymous
madness p cool
By Anonymous
Is this weapon supposed to have intelligence scaling instead of the Faith scaling it says above?
One of those may need to be double checked.
As a side note though, this spear seems to be pretty damn great for (hopefully) Faith builds who need more fire damage instead of holy or lightning.
By Anonymous
It is Faith, got it a few days ago.
By Anonymous
Yes it scales with faith, the whole madness of gear are faith oriented.
By Anonymous
Yeah, seems to be someone put those numbers in the wrong box, but the scaling is correct, so going Dex/Faith with this weapon works quite well.
By Anonymous
All Flame weapons scale with Faith. Just as all pyromancies are now incantations
By Anonymous
It's scaling is with faith, not int
By Mindful_Drifter
I feel like a god with this when I invade. I was pretty decent at DS3 invading, but damn. Madness build is the way to go
By Anonymous
But you're not a god using braindead weapons lol
By Anonymous
As a ring knight spear fan, this thing is next level.
By Anonymous
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