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By Anonymous
A bit better in PvP than the normal version due to swivel and the projectiles possibly traveling faster, other than that just not worth it, not being castable on horseback is a huge drawback in PvE. If this had a bit more rot buildup than the normal version it might be viable tradeoff, but looking at the huge FP requirement and questionable advantages of this spell it's not really an optimal pick if you want a reliable dragon breath. Maybe more of an option for higher NG cycles?
By Anonymous
I get that this needed a nerf, but now there's hardly any reason to use this over the lesser version. Either it should cost slightly less, or it should have a bit more range, or a bit more buildup. May as well just use rotten breath.
By Anonymous
Surely if they were going to halve its effectiveness, they should also have halved its FP cost, so you have to cast it twice as many times to get the old effect, but you CAN actually do so? I mean, that just makes sense, right? But then, From have never been good at balancing. Remember when they drastically nerfed the number of casts for lighting Miracles in DS2, but compensated them for the loss of casts by... also drastically nerfing the damage they did? They even said this was a mistake and they MEANT to buff the damage, you know, like what would make sense, but then they never fixed their "mistake" so lightning Miracles in DS2 remain underpowered to this day.
By Anonymous
I get the pve side is upsetting and hopefully they adjust it to be better but not broken for pve again
but at the same time this was stupidly overpowered in pvp, and you cannot say "well I just play pve so it shouldn't affect me". PVP is part of the game for many people. There are vast amount of other options for pve, just find them.
By Anonymous
Boralis' Mist oneshots you in PvP still. This is no argument. And there aren't many good ways to apply rot in PvE.
By Anonymous
They have shown that fixes can be made that don’t affect pve so this argument is void
By Anonymous
All PvPers ever do is complain and sh*t on other each other and demand changes according to their own selfish whims. PvEers are just chillin until the sweat lords show up to ruin all the fun.
By Anonymous
Why should people who have no desire to engage in pvp be forced to use different skills/weapons in the primary part of the game because the minority people who care about the niche pvp mode decide it is too strong? This isn't a battle royal game with pve options, its a pve game with tacked on multiplayer.
By Anonymous
This has been over-nerfed to the ground.
How was this nerfed but not no FP comet azure?
By Anonymous
just because it has way higher stat requirements (rotten breath is viable early game, and for arcane builds with little investment), cant be used on horseback, higher fp cost and higher stamina cost, and less area you can't say is worse.
oh, wait, you can.
what's with the downvotes, lol
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By BareChestedSupreme
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Dragon incant buids aka The Story of How I Murdered My Enemies By Giving Them The Clap
By Anonymous
Patch 1.07 gutted this thing for pve imo. It definitely used to be broken, but now it feels like it takes three, or sometimes two complete casts just to proc the rot on a boss. Considering a complete cast basically burns your entire fp bar, that basically means that you need to use up one or two blue flasks just for the incant to have its desired effect, which I don’t think is fair.
By Anonymous
Like most balance adjustments, the PVE side of things was just a side-effect of addressing what everyone was really *****ing about; namely that it was all but a guaranteed win in PVP if you landed it. Boralis' Mist is in the same boat though unlike this one, is still just as potent as ever. Its why I've come to, over time, actually dislike the multiplayer components of these games immensely. All the fun toys get taken away in the name of balance and fair play. It's also why I respect Bluepoint a lot for not doing that with the Demon Souls remake, beyond fixing genuinely game breaking glitches like the infinite LCK one.
By Anonymous
flame grant me strength buffs this damage further
By Anonymous
Got overnerfed in PvE. In the time it takes you to rot something, plus the rot actually ticking down, you can just spam fireballs or lightning bolts and have the boss dead in half the time with no risk.
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