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By Anonymous
DId it at level 61 with the watchdog's staff at 61. Worst fight in the game by far so far.
By Anonymous
I have a melee build so I guess I just don’t get to see the area after this boss unless I come back way overleveled, thanks fromsoft
By Anonymous
For the duo in Nokron, a heavy great mace with lion claw at +19 will do around 1000 damage to these guys, allowing you to melt the first one very quickly, I managed 2-3 hits in a row and they poise break allowing you to execute rather quikly. Staying in the cloud of poison breath attack will allow you to land the 2-3 hits, use bolluses to cure poison right after. Managed to beat it on second try with jellyfish ashes. Having 2000hp and high resist with golden vow and dargoncrest talisman helps tank their heavy hits. This is one of the fight where being aggresive is better then being defensive, if you're having problem its because your making the fight drag on for to long.
By Anonymous
New From player. Learned how to roll. No summons. Level 90. Arcane melee build. Occult Uchi w/ bloody slash. These 2 were a breeze.
By Anonymous
Thy strength befits a crown.
By Anonymous
I beat this pretty easily as a melee dex build, level 84 with 32 in dex. I used Bloody Slash ash of war on my Uchiginata (+19) and it just takes off huge chunks of health. I had D as a summon but bloody slash is the way to go.
By Anonymous
This boss is literally impossible to fight alone. Melania is nothing, I can not deal with having to keep track of two bosses with mobile attacks that span the entire arena or will poison me when I'm not looking at the right one. This boss shows the flaw of Elden Ring super hard, many of the fights were made to encourage summons, but play too long after launch and nobody is on the random bosses scattered around thr world.
By Anonymous
...Played through the game without leveling up Vigor as mage, and beside early game when I was getting used to it and played with a friend, I never had to rely on a player summon
By Anonymous
"Wow, this Nokron area is really cool! Oh look, a boss arena, I can't wait to fight a fair boss that's appropriately scaled for the area!"
By Anonymous
can someone please tell me if they can be parried?
By Anonymous
Bro, they are like 10 times bigger than you.
By Anonymous
I really wish it would target lock their legs and not the center of their body 12 feet off the ground.
By Anonymous
cakewalk if you're a mage. literal hell if you're pure melee
By Anonymous
rock sling turns these guys into sand
By Anonymous
So does using a str build and dodging.
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