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By Anonymous
DS2 team made this one for sure.
By Anonymous
Beat at lvl 1 with black knife weapon art, if you are having trouble with this boss I recommend black knife and summon D if you need extra help
By Anonymous
Pretty sure the cliff cheese has been patched out, when the first gargoyle jumps backwards it seems to hit an invisible wall and slide across it rather than fall off. Shame, this boss sucks.
By Anonymous
Beat them on my first try.
By Evarika
They really went out of their way to make this fight difficult for incantation-users.
By Anonymous
I love how the game hints at how the Gargoyles managed to survive so long being in a watery place.
Corpse wax forms by hydrogenation of fat tissue, so it is more likely to form underwater or in a humid place.
The Gargoyles are in Siofra Aqueduct and we know their arena is full of coffins.
So they basically used the corpse wax from the dead bodies in the coffins to keep themselves in shape and avoid falling apart while at the same time surviving in a watery location.
This kind of indirect "storytelling" is why i love FromSoftware's games.
By Anonymous
Just finished this on my lvl 50 str dude. If you run to the right shortly after entering the fog and fight the first over there he can fall off. Fighting in this area also gives ya an extra 10 to 15 seconds to whack the first one as the other walks across.
By Anonymous
Does anyone know the gargoyles character ID?
By Anonymous
I don't know why people struggle with the duo. Just 1 shot the first one.
By Anonymous
Genuinely the worst gank fight in modern fromsoft. There is so much wrong with this fight that it makes Foreskin Duo a masterpiece by comparison.
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