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i hate it here.
By Anonymous
Awful area
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Oh not this again
By Anonymous
Is there a way to disable or kill the chariot?
By Anonymous
Same question here
By Anonymous
you actually ride the second chariot by falling down the narrow pathway going down, if you want to skip the shade and the armor just can jump down as a shortcut from the first chariot onto the beams just run jump to one of the corners and you'll land safely on the beams below.
By Anonymous
there is no lever for this area, what you want to do is drop onto the second chariot - if you look closely it has a platform.

you can actually skip most of the dungeon:

Run to the alcove just before the doorway leading to the pages and undead. There's a small set of rafters you can land on. Do that, wait for the second chariot, land on the platform and ride it to the end. Be sure to jump off - behind - the chariot at the end and make your way to the ladder. Climb up, get your loot, and fight the boss which is a red-maned wolf that casts magic.
By Anonymous
Go from the refters to one of 2 windows - there are 2 serts or armour a knight aroumr and hound knight armour there
By Anonymous
worst dungeon in the whole game. Inconsistent chariot timing, irritating enemy placement all on top of being stupidly long and tedious.
By Anonymous
So you would not recommend this as your 5th deathroot over Black Knife Catacombs?
By Anonymous
So you would not recommend this place as your fifth Deathroot over Black Knife Catacombs?
By Anonymous
So avoid this place over Black Knife Catacombs for your fifth Deathroot I take it?
By Anonymous
This place is molten cancer
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