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By Anonymous
This dungeon sucks ***. I lost 160k runes because I got trapped in the corner by the chariot where you get the stonesword key. Huge design flaw
By Anonymous
This is a really poor walkthrough, there are so many things just confusing or outright wrong.

For example, after you get the Ringed Finger the directions take you near the boss room. The walkthrough then tells you to wait for the chariot and jump on the back. This is wrong. Jumping on the chariot is to get you to where you already are, and you jump on it from a completely different location.

Very poor guide.
By Anonymous
Someone please tell me why the beast eye didnt quiver upon entering the grave.?
By Anonymous
Mine did!
By Anonymous
Mine did, too.
By Anonymous
So Tarnished with 10 Vigor is not welcomed here?
By Anonymous
very few places welcome a ten vit tarnished, they lead a hard life
By Anonymous
Nothing in here is worth this *******.
By Anonymous
ringed finger
By Anonymous
I was able to fast travel in this Hero's Grave (via map when no enemies were around)- which was pretty great as there is one item that leaves you trapped in a corner by a chariot with no way out.
By Anonymous
Memory of grace not ideal but its a way out
By Anonymous
Does anyone know if you can just grab the deathroot and die if you don't care about the boss drop enough?
By Anonymous
you can't, no prompt until boss is defeated
By Anonymous
There is no lever, you can just open the doors. I spent way too long looking for it.
By Anonymous
While riding the chariot isn’t obvious while playing it is in fact showcased in the game’s launch trailer.
By Trombone
The worst part about this place is this place.
By Anonymous
Couln't have said it better myself
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