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By Anonymous
This set looks so good, a shame that Youtubers like Youwwy and Rusty hate it.
By Anonymous
Youtubers aren't really known for their fashion sense.
By Matt1yu
Farmed the Monk southeast of Eastern Tableland for ~1 hour. Got 3 Flamemaces; 4 Hoods, 5 Armors, 3 Gauntlets, 1 Greaves, ~100 Smoldering Butterflies and a metric ****load of Rowa Fruit from the 3 bushes on the route.
By Anonymous
Imagine the recruitment flyers these dudes hand out. You show up on a college campus wearing this and you got 50 guys bunking up in leaky shacks and eating gruel for every meal before they even realize it's a religion
By Anonymous
if only it boosted the fire incantations
By Anonymous
very drippy with helmets that are similar color, like fingerprint helmet, and fire prelate helmet
By Anonymous
Actually looks pretty good with the Twinmage Glintstone Crown. The fur and sleeves are wide enough that it doesn't look top-heavy, the giant face matches the weirdness, and the red gives it a nice RGB color scheme. And you get them all in the same area.

Peak early game meme fashion.
By Anonymous
Had it right until "meme fashion" lol
By Anonymous
Iron Kasa fits oddly well with this set.
By Anonymous
I wear this + iron kasa for my dragon communion build
By Anonymous
110 discovery and I suddenly got all four pieces from a single kill in the camp by Eastern Tableland. Still no hammer, though.
By Anonymous
damn ive gotten 3 hammers but no armor
By Anonymous
This set doesn't show up on the interactive map for some reason
By Anonymous
cutest set in the game, +10 style points if you pair this with the visage shield or one eyed shield
By Anonymous
Im doing a run with this set, fire incantations, the greatsword and the visage shield (omw for the one-eyed). Struggling to not fat-roll with my low endurance lmao